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Best Place to Build Your Bot Business


Since Cleverbot launched in the late Nineties, a tech-savvy population has become increasingly enamored with chatbots. Today, they’ve surpassed novelty status and are used to increase productivity in a number of fields. Betaworks, a start-up studio based in New York, has launched Botcamp to help developers in the early stages of their design create and launch successful bots. The ten-week program is highly selective, choosing only ten applicants to make use of Betaworks’ resources. Each company receives $200,000 of start-up capital and optional workspace in Betaworks’ New York offices, individualized guidance on a range of topics, and access to companies with platforms supporting chatbots, or that have demonstrated interest in funding such endeavors. Botcamp is a veritable playground for bot developers who want to make connections and see their companies grow. The first session of Botcamp ended in September, but applications for the second session are expected to open in spring 2017.

29 Little West 12th Street, Manhattan