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Best Place to Get Hooked on Sweet Spaghetti


The Philippines’ favorite fast-food chain, Jollibee currently has locations in Queens and Jersey City, and soon one will land in Manhattan. The chain is the Filipino equivalent of McDonald’s, but American palates will suffer a sweet shock when they try some of the restaurant’s regional fare. Jollibee’s spaghetti (gasp, fast-food spaghetti!) comes beneath a healthy ladleful of sweet, meat-packed tomato sauce — and for dessert, there’s always deep-fried mango pie. The Amazing Aloha burger is buried under a thick slice of pineapple, if you want a little something extra to nibble on. But most of all, Filipino Americans rave about the chain’s signature Chickenjoy — could this be what it takes to finally take down the Chick-fil-A empire slowly consuming Manhattan? 

62-29 Roosevelt Avenue, Woodside, Queens