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Best Place to Let Your Geek Flag Fly


Even with all the cape-clad, spandex-sheathed box office fodder hitting the screen these days, there are still dozens of nerd-cred events that go unnoticed outside their respective fandoms. For four days a year, New York Comic Con provides a haven for them all, whether comic book lovers, movie buffs, or video game fans. Show off your costume-making talents and share insights with like-minded folks who don’t stick with Harley Quinn or Darth Vader — think Neil Gaiman’s Death, Wind Waker’s beaked Medli, or Adult Swim’s flask-swigging Rick. Better yet, it’s a place where embracing your nerdhood wholeheartedly can score you a date (or a new friend), thanks to Sci-Fi Speed Dating. And whether you’re dressed up, into looking at other folks’ cosplay, or just trying to get to the next panel, don’t forget to budget extra time when walking around Comic Con —just about everyone will be stopping their costumed comrades to snap a selfie or congratulate them on a job well done. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a celebrity mobbed by adoring fans, start planning next year’s costume now.

Javits Center

655 West 34th Street, Manhattan