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Best Place to Meet Your Literary Heroes and Get Better at Writing, Too


Established last year by the founders of Electric Literature and Black Balloon Publishing, Catapult aims to be a new kind of indie press. It publishes books, produces an online magazine, and hosts an open platform where anyone can share their writing and respond to stories. But Catapult’s most essential contribution is its catalog of creative writing workshops and master classes: Offered as six-week courses or single-day boot camps in a variety of genres, practices, and skill levels, the intimate classes are taught by some of the most exciting authors, journalists, editors, critics, and other industry professionals working today. Past and present instructors include Mary Gaitskill, Tony Tulathimutte, Alexandra Kleeman, Jonathan Lee, Rachel Syme, Ashley Ford, Chloe Caldwell, Emily Gould, Rebecca Schiff, Mitchell S. Jackson, Angela Flournoy, Adam Wilson — the list goes on. If you’re looking to launch your writing career, whether fledgling or on the brink, or simply want to be a part of a nurturing community, Catapult is the ultimate one-stop shop. Lauren Ro

1140 Broadway, Suite 704, Manhattan