Best Of

Best Real-Life Version of a Murakami Novel


This delicate florist shop seems to arrive out of nowhere, on a strip of sidewalk near Atlantic Terminal. Its co-owners, siblings Kanya and Shunya Togashi, are warm and knowledgeable, with recommendations that are often out of the ordinary. Raised nearby in Fort Greene, the Togashis source housewares and clothing (also for sale) from their grandmother in Japan. But it’s the contrast of the beauty of the shop — where art exhibits occasionally take over the space — with its grimy surroundings that make a visit here feel scripted by a magical realist. Stop in to buy a cheap and enchanting makahiya, or “shy plant,” whose leaves curl upon the touch, or to admire the wild geometry of the Togashis’ arrangements, perfected on trips to visit Gran. Or even just to escape the concrete world steps away. 

31 Hanson Place, Brooklyn