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My first job was at a vintage store, back when there was no such thing as “true vintage”: only “vintage” and “thrift.” These days the two often run together, and Edwardian walking suits and Depression-era flour sack dresses are hard to find without going online. Luckily for New Yorkers, we have Ritual Vintage. Ritual is small and charming, with floor racks packed with on-trend treasure. A rack suspended from the ceiling holds part of a dizzying collection of antique clothing (much of which has appeared onscreen, most recently in Boardwalk Empire). Sometimes tourists wander in from Broadway, look around in confusion, and leave. At the start of fall, a group of early-1970s dresses and tops with dog-ear collars and high waists was on display. (Think Pamela Des Barres when she had to put a coat on, or Marc Bolan, or the long-reaching influence of Ossie Clark.) I may return for a Halston V disco pajama set, black and white with a red poppy print, because I like to pretend I’m hosting Liza for the after-party while I Netflix and cats. The owner’s expertise is as vast as her archives, so ask questions. And maybe best of all: Sales can offer bargains in the $10–$50 range.

377 Broome Street, Manhattan