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Best Up-Close-and-Personal Karaoke Bar


Introverts beware: Baby Grand’s karaoke experience is both very intimate and very public. There are no private rooms or nooks to hide in: It’s just you, a small platform, and a couple dozen friends and strangers cheering their heads off. Within its tiny space, Baby Grand offers a great song catalog, a nice array of cocktails, and the friendliest — and perhaps most talented — bartenders on the karaoke scene; they’ll gladly partner up with you for a duet if no one in the crowd has the guts to. Bonus: Though there’s no piano, every first Wednesday, Rock Star Karaoke play live, so you can sing along to a band like a real-life rock star. And if you need a quick boost of energy, Pop-Tarts are served right at the bar.

161 Lafayette Street, Manhattan