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Best Use of Scarsdale in a TV Musical Episode


Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) was miserable as a high-powered New York lawyer, so she abandoned the city and the partnership fast track to move to West Covina, California, to chase a schoolgirl fantasy of reuniting with her easygoing summer camp boyfriend, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III). Her grade-school nemesis/frenemy Audra Levine (Rachel Grate) gets the promotion Rebecca turned down, and shows up in West Covina as opposing counsel with something to prove. How do these attorneys settle their “beef of two hard-as-nails Shebrews from Scarsdale”? With a JAP (Jewish American Princess) rap battle, of course. “Find that term offensive?/Too bad, yo/Oh, snap!/It’s a JAP battle rap!” In a scene peppered with enough Jewish puns to make Mel Brooks happy (“Think your verse is tight?/Then you’re trippin’ like Birthright!”), the writers gleefully mock stereotypes as only members of the community can. When Audra boasts that she’ll “fill you full of slugs/ Like a straight-up thug,” Rebecca pops back with, “Uh, that word’s racist. Someone/Oughta tell you/Like me! I belong/To the ACLU.” From there they devolve into a “better ally than thou” grudge match, with each woman trying to one-up the other with volunteer stints in Ghana and semesters abroad in Kenya and hypocritically patting themselves on the back because “We’re both cool with black people/Cuz we’re liberals/Duh, progressive as hell/Though of course I support Is-ra-el.” 

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