City Looks: It Takes Two


Karen loves lingerie. Hana wears Vans. One couple talks about how their style defines them.

There was a first date at an East Village speakeasy, a bouquet of flowers, and a tipsy Thanksgiving with friends. Five years later, Karen Lord (right) and Hana Tojo are lovers and colleagues, running a Pilates studio in Tribeca. Karen is the owner and founder; Hana, a former sushi chef and athlete who races outrigger canoes, manages the business. When it comes to style, opposites attract. “I wear lingerie. She’d rather die,” says Karen, laughing. “I wear Vans, Converse, a lot of slacks,” Hana says. Recently, a new cleaning lady began mixing up the laundry (boy shorts with thongs, lace with oxfords). “We’re her only two-girl couple. She’s figuring it out.”

Karen’s style: “I love glamour; I have a closetful of dresses. She’ll never try them on. I’ve had boyfriends in the past who would, but she won’t!”

Hana’s style: “My style is skater-surfer. But not, like, from the Nineties.”

Hana’s favorite outfit of Karen’s: “Nothing. OK, I really like this little black dress she wears. Or a tight one-piece for when she does Pilates.”

Karen’s favorite outfit of Hana’s: “I call it her Johnny Cash outfit. It’s all black. Céline boots, black jeans, black Isabel Marant T-shirt. It’s sexy.”