Three Months After Cyclist Kelly Hurley’s Death, Police Arrest the Driver Who Killed Her


Police have arrested the driver who ran over and killed cyclist Kelly Hurley on First Avenue nearly three months ago, according to the NYPD.

The driver, Kyung Hyun, 59, of Syosset, was charged with failure to exercise due care, improper left turn, and failure to yield to a bicyclist. He was issued a Desk Appearance Ticket and will be arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on August 29.

Hyun, who was driving a truck bearing his name when he reportedly crossed multiple lanes of traffic and ignored Hurley’s right of way on First Avenue to make a left turn onto 9th Street, told the Daily News at the time that he didn’t see Hurley.

“I didn’t see the bike lady,” he told the paper. “I didn’t see her. I told the highway patrol everything. I stayed here.”

In the meantime, two more cyclists have been killed just this month, both by commercial bus drivers and both in Chelsea. One of those killed, Dan Hanegby, was the first person killed while riding a Citi Bike. Police sources initially described Hanegby as swerving into the path of the bus, but video evidence and eyewitness testimony reported by Gothamist contradicted that account, suggesting Hanegby did not swerve before being hit by the bus.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office said those two bicyclist fatalities are under investigation.