Right Gives Thanks for Trump, Gets Gifts From ‘Liberal’ Media

Giving thanks for freeing us from Obamacare, and the Times’ Nazi lovefest


I hope you all found something to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, despite the ongoing bombshell revelations regarding, and disturbingly non compos mentis behavior of, a certain commander in chief. I can tell you conservatives did: Not only could they celebrate the reign of Trump, but they could also enjoy the seasonal gifts laid at their feet by the Mainstream Media.

Rightbloggers gave thanks for Trump even at conservative outlets associated with a pretense of Trump skepticism such as National Review, where Deroy Murdock bade his readers “Thank Donald J. Trump” for his many blessings: for example, the GOP tax bill now moving through Congress. That bill is widely reviled by economic experts, who expect it to hit poor and middle-class taxpayers hard — and that’s not even taking into account the part of the bill that would repeal the Obamacare individual mandate, which would drive premiums up and millions out of their insurance. But Murdock predicted it would “turbocharge the economy even further,” and that the end of the individual mandate would “emancipate Americans from this unprecedented attack on our freedom.”

Murdock also cheered other “ideas that center-Right activists have demanded for decades,” such as aggressive immigration enforcement: “ICE has arrested 97,482 illegal aliens.… Of these 52,169 (53.5 percent) have been expelled.” Which is, after all, what Thanksgiving is all about.

There was also the only thing that could make the tiresome How to Argue About Politics at Thanksgiving genre of articles worse — pro-Trump versions. At the Washington Examiner, Timothy P. Carney advised his fellow conservatives how to handle liberal relatives like “nephew Trevor,” who believes Trump “is ruining sex, women’s golf, football, marriages, and everything else,” to “find the few things Trump is doing well that no good liberal could object to. Start with the tax plan.”

True, liberal relatives would not believe that “reducing the corporate rate is anything other than a giveaway to big business” — and according to polls, neither will anyone else. But they should nonetheless appreciate, for example, that “the tax bill would limit the deductibility of mortgage interest to the first $500,000 in debt.” Also, how about that increase in FDA approval of generics? “Trust me, Trevor will be pleased about sticking it to Big Pharma.”

Perhaps sensing that no one would go for this, and that his readers would actually prefer to see the liberal relatives humiliated, Carney switched gears. “If your liberal relatives can think on their own, they might be with you so far,” he wrote. But even this saving remnant would still refuse to appreciate Neil Gorsuch: “They’ll hate him because he won’t pretend the Constitution protects abortion, and because they think that Supreme Court seat was stolen by Republican obstruction of Obama’s nominee Merrick Garland.” Yes, they’re that unreasonable.

There was plenty like this, but perhaps the biggest love conservatives got over the holiday weekend was from MSM outlets.

At the Washington Post, op-ed columnist Marc A. Thiessen did his own Thanks for Trump essay. “I am especially thankful that Hillary Clinton is not sitting in the Oval Office,” laughed Thiessen as the rabble jeered and tried to hit him with rotten fruit from across the moat. “I am thankful that Neil M. Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court and that President Trump has secured a conservative majority that will protect human life, religious liberty, the Second Amendment and limited government.”

It went on and on like that; but, since the Post is a Serious Paper and Thiessen a Serious Journalist, he threw in a little “Trump was not my first choice for president.… I am well aware of his many deep flaws” stuff in the midst of celebrating everything Trump did, just to show how Serious he is, and to cover his ass in the inevitable post-Trump collapse.

At the New York Times there was the Thanks for Trump from Maureen Dowd — or rather from her “Brother Kevin,” who sounds a lot like Sister Maureen, except much more relaxed.

“Every time I hear Neil Gorsuch’s name, I smile,” said “Kevin,” who also cheered that Trump “is still causing acid reflux for half the country and all of the mainstream media.” Of course, since the Times is Serious and Dowd is a Serious Writer — er, the brother of a Serious Writer — there was also some guff about Roy Moore being “despicable,” but it was mostly Durr Hurr Stoopid Liberals stuff that will be linked and spread to thrill conservatives (“KEVIN DOWD SUMMARIZES POPULISM FOR HIS SISTER MAUREEN’S LIBERAL READERS” — Breitbart), as it has been for years, thus gaining the Times valuable right-wing hate-read clicks.

The Times also celebrated the career of Ben Shapiro, former Breitbart writer and persistent buffoon who tours colleges trying to get campus liberals mad at him so he can go tell his readers about it and make them love him more. This may seem, Times reporter Sabrina Tavernise admitted, very like the shtick used by former right-wing bad boy Milo Yiannopoulos, but “critics say that [Yiannopoulos] was empty of ideas,” she wrote, whereas Shapiro “has been called the voice of the conservative millennial movement…the cool kid’s philosopher.… He exists in places that young people inhabit — podcasts, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube…”

For right-wing readers who needed stronger meat, the Times offered “A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland,” which sounds off-putting until you read the heartwarming story of Tony Hovater of New Carlisle, Ohio, “the Nazi sympathizer next door, polite and low-key at a time the old boundaries of accepted political activity can seem alarmingly in flux.” Reporter Richard Fausset also talked about Hovater’s cool tattoos, career in music, and other disarming qualities.

A lot of liberals were pissed off about this, while white nationalists were pleased. Conservatives who read about it in right-wing outlets like Glenn Beck’s the Blaze responded in comments with more specific criticisms — for instance, that “NAZIS were socialists, just like the editorial bord of the NYT,” and why weren’t people exposing “Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright or Barak Obama” instead.

Other conservatives were just glad the Times had embarrassed itself again. “The poor NYT reporter got so badly out-pointed in debate with his subject that he had to write a second article of defeat and contrition,” laughed race obsessive Steve Sailer. “At least the Times got ‘Nazi’ trending for no apparent reason over the holiday weekend,” reported Twitchy. “Voice of Hate” is currently one of the Times’ top trending stories so, again, everyone wins — except those of us who wish Nazis were back in the history books instead of the papers. Anyway, on to War on Christmas season!