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Omar Alagha on CPA Marketing vs Other Online Marketing Campaigns

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Marketing has always been an important tool for brands to reach their prospective customers. With the revolution in the digital space and rapid growth in technology, marketing has progressed from a means to maximize sales to a way to create value. Several marketing techniques have come up to cater to different requirements of the brands. For instance, a brand might not want to focus on increasing sales but to reach more consumers to build brand awareness. The three methods of marketing that are popular among advertisers are CPA, PPC, and CPM.

While PPC or pay per click, and CPM or cost per 1000 impressions are not performance-oriented, CPA is a performance-based method. With the CPA or cost per action method, the advertiser can track the performance of the campaigns and then pay the publisher for the actions taken by visitors. While this might seem like a strong reason behind the growing popularity of CPA marketing over PPC or CPM, the method has several other benefits as well.

Omar Alagha is a CPA marketing expert working with top brands to pair them with the most appropriate CPA network for a wider reach of their campaigns. He works as a bridge between publishers and advertisers to ensure the mutual benefit of both parties. Omar Alagha has been working with CPA programs for a while and feels that the rising trend of CPA marketing is just in its initial phase now. Going forward bigger brands will have a portion of their budget reserved for CPA marketing instead of investing in other methods like PPC or CPM.

In CPA marketing, the advertiser pays the publisher based on the number of actions that the ad receives. These actions generally include sales through online purchases or lead generation via sign-ups. The advertiser pays the publisher only after the action has been taken. So, this makes CPA a more result-oriented marketing method that is also cost-effective. The advertiser can negotiate on a contract based on the cost involved per action with the affiliate site before starting the marketing campaign. This way the advertiser will be in complete control of the budget and can start marketing even with minimal capital.

As the cost is decided only on the actions that the ad receives, there are far lesser chances of fake clicks and visitors. CPA marketing is easier to set up compared to other marketing methods. Once the advertiser enters a deal with the publisher, both of them can start the process right away. The advertiser can constantly track the performance of the campaigns and change publishers if the results are not in line with the expectations.

Omar Alagha believes that the CPA program always offers a wider reach to brands compared to PPC or CPM campaigns. This is because CPA marketing can be set up on diverse channels like CPA affiliate networks, company websites, individual sites, etc. Every medium has a separate audience base that the advertiser can explore based on the goals of the brand.

CPA marketing has already helped some of the global brands with its wider reach and diversified audience base. Omar Alagha, as a seasoned CPA marketing manager, feels that this method will soon become the future of brand marketing with more and more businesses investing in result-oriented campaigns.

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