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Karyna Romanova On Beginning Her Career As An Actress


There is no shortage of talented artists who have made it big as an actor in the entertainment industry. They showcase their skills and talents on the small and big screen to win over their audience and grow in popularity. Karyna Romanova (@miss_ramanova) began her career as an actress and has experience working in all kinds of projects.

Some people might think that fame and fortune are the ultimate motivation of those who wish to be part of the entertainment industry. While the positives that come with being a celebrity are alluring, they are not always the most accurate reason behind a person’s desire to become an actor.

For Karyna who is creative and loves art forms, acting and modeling are ways to express her creative self to the world. She is able to inspire others and express herself more freely. In a short interview, Karyna shared with us her experiences as an artist and her journey as an actress.

How did your career in the entertainment industry start?

I was always creative and wanted to do something that expressed my creative self. It began with modeling. I developed many contacts as I progressed in my modeling career. I am currently working with one of the largest modeling agencies in the United States called MMG. A few years ago when I moved to the United States, I started developing my acting skills and wanted to act in roles to become a good actor. My persistence paid off and today I work with the acting agency, MTM, and have a few exciting projects lined up.

How did your career as a DJ start?

It was during the pandemic lockdown that I had a lot of free time to explore other things. I immersed myself in producing music and learning everything about becoming a DJ which allowed me to meet a lot of professionals and artists. I initially began it out of curiosity and interest. However, it soon became an obsession and allowed me to make connections with many interesting people with whom I have shared a lot of experiences.

I also went to many entertainment events, taking advantage of every opportunity to know as many people as possible in the music industry. Being around prominent people gave me a lot of understanding and inspiration for my work as a DJ. I was able to learn a lot of lessons that I otherwise would not have if I had not made connections with people in the industry. This has truly had a huge impact on my inspiration to be a great DJ.

She advises those who are willing to pursue a career as a DJ, to give importance to the things that inspire and motivate them. She also urges them to try working even when there is absolutely no desire because making music is a complicated process. They would not always have the inspiration, so consistent work is crucial to achieving success.

The entertainment scene, especially in Hollywood, is undoubtedly very competitive. Karyna understands this fact and works hard while forming connections with the right people who can help her break into the film industry. Over the past year, she managed to improve her acting, make valuable connections, and learn a lot from professionals.

She is patient and believes in herself and the process. Karyna stresses the importance of networking, which can be one of the hardest things to do but the most rewarding thing in the long run. A lot of things can bring a person down and leave no inspiration for doing creative things. She advises new actors to be constantly improving themselves even if they have no motivation or find it challenging to take inspiration. There is no substitute for hard work, according to her.

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