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NYC Luxury: A Guide on How to Buy Custom Jewelry with Izzy Aronbayev


Custom-designed jewelry has become a thing to showcase one’s uniqueness in modern society. With everyone rushing to get their own unique and fashionable piece that will make them stand out from the crowd, the demand for custom jewelry has gone through the roof. Custom Jewelry has now become a part of their individuality for fashion icons, rappers, and athletes. The rise in demand for these custom-made jewelry designs is attributed to the current fashion trends. As more and more glamorous and high-quality designs are brought out by popular stores like NYC Luxury, there are no signs to show any slowing demand for custom jewelry.

Led by two brilliant owners, Gavriel and Izzy Aronbayev, NYC Luxury Custom Jewelry is the go-to store for all custom jewelry needs. The store is the best in custom jewelry and works with famous rappers, athletes, and other global superstars. NYC Luxury has been in the business for over six years and they have crafted their style to suit the client’s needs. A look at the official website of NYC Luxury is enough to get a glimpse of some of their beautiful jewelry pieces and their impressive clientele.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind is how to select the custom jewelry that best suits the person. NYC Luxury has listed the following valuable tips to help everyone get their favorite custom jewelry.

Identify the design that suits your needs.
Think of ideas of how you want your jewelry to be like and what kind of shape looks best on you. Although most designers will help clients figure this out, doing their own research can help them get to the desired design sooner. Also, it is important to have in mind the type of stone, metal, and finish that will be preferred for custom jewelry.

Determine your budget

Though the actual budget may vary depending on the gemstone or the number of customizations needed, coming up with an estimated budget is essential. Remember, luxury is not a basic need, and you should go for what is within your reach or save for the one you want. You can do this by checking out some of the most popular designs on the NYC Luxury website.

Conduct research on designers

The designer plays a crucial role in determining how the finished custom jewelry will look. Look out for the best designers whose works speak for themselves. Also, check out stores that display custom jewelry, a good example being the NYC Luxury store. Conducting research to check the reviews of the store and the reputation of the designer is critical to ensuring a well-finished custom jewelry piece.

Connect with the designer and sign a contract

With the best designer at your side, it is your responsibility to share your ideas and expectations of jewelry you want to be completed. A contract indicating the price and the day when the product will be ready is essential as it takes time and effort to get the design you want ready for you.

Collect, wear, and enjoy

A good designer will always keep you updated on how the product is looking and will notify you when the product is ready for you. You can collect your custom piece and rock it with cool clothes and accessories.