Renowned Investor “Jay Jiang Yu” Sets Out to Inspire the Next Generation


Born and raised in the US as a first-generation immigrant, “Jay” Jiang Yu has risen from the bottom to the highest levels in the investment world. He is a self-made entrepreneur, investor, CEO, and founder managing numerous investments. A private investor, Jay, shares a strong and relentless passion for international business. He has spent a big part of his career in business rising to success.

He holds a BA in psychology from City College of New York and has completed core classes from Borough of Manhattan Community College. As it said, the capacity to learn is a gift, and learning is a skill that Jay possesses. He has also taken specialty courses from different colleges in New York, among them Columbia University. An active Philanthropist, Jay, is a proud member of the Nu Alpha Phi, through which he helps mentor thousands of college students and graduates.

Jay is an international business guru with an eye for investing in startups in the private and public sectors. He manages one of the biggest investment portfolios, spread across various industries and sectors. From gold mining exploration companies to sports, fitness, fintech, legal cannabis, and blockchain firms, Jay has proved to be a leader in investments. He has invested in some prominent international businesses such as Airbnb.

His ability to convert the business he touches to success has led him to be among the most sought-after investors globally. He shares a sharp and decisive mind and is widely known for his calculated and forward-thinking risks. He has a limitless and relentless mindset that pushes him to keep going until he achieves his set objectives. Amazingly, Jay has mastered the art of bringing on board his body, mind, and soul and creating a united harmony to drive informed success.

Jay firmly believes in hard work with purposeful intent to draw success. He recommends surrounding yourself with the right people who match your work ethic and hunger for success. Such an environment is vital for opening your path to greatness. Sometimes it’s not always about the monetary growth but also the knowledge and skills you acquire. Jiang advises that you should not be afraid to set standards or separate yourself from people or a place you feel like you don’t belong.

He also founded LunarNYC, a non-profit organization that nurtures kids from New York and neighboring states through sports and education. He shares the passion for guiding and teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs and investors to help them get started right. With his own inspiring journeys to success, from humble beginnings, Jay hopes to use his experience to give back to society by empowering aspiring business people through LunarNYC. Like in business, he is constantly willing to go the extra mile and take risks for the success of others.

Human nature greatly influences the business world. Take time to study and understand the surrounding environment and pick what is important. Essentially, business is all about providing solutions to human problems. Jay recommends aspiring entrepreneurs to dedicate themselves to their passion and be bold to learn from the mistakes on the path. The secret is being the hard worker in the room and maintaining consistency. The person who sees success as the only option is the one who wins in the end.

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