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Daniel Javor Shares Why Virtual Real Estate Could Be the Next Goldmine


Success doesn’t come easy but what paved the way for micro private equity investor Daniel Javor is the seeds of hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit that were sowed in him when he was a child. His father was an entrepreneur, and that’s where he inherited his business acumen from. On the other hand, his mother was an artist who passed on her creative instincts to him. With this unique set of skills and values, Daniel embarked upon a journey of extraordinary success.

His first experience with the business was when he was 13 and selling trading cards on eBay. Back then, having a business on eBay was not as popular as it is today. At 17, he moved to Israel and set up his own retail business, which he considers his first startup.

With all the business knowledge he acquired over the years, he founded his own digital marketing company named Tel Aviv, with over 50 employees at its peak, and was doing very well.

However, his attention soon turned to the world of investing with its never-ending opportunities. That’s when he exited Tel Aviv to start his online investment journey and micro private equity business through his company Javor Holdings in 2018.

Daniel has gradually grown over the years and put all the pieces of his journey together to be where he is today. If you want to know more about his life and business, you can check out his Instagram or Facebook page.

Why Daniel Javor Believes That Virtual Real Estate Can Be the Next Goldmine

Daniel and his company acquire and invest in online businesses that have no physical presence. The ownership of numerous digital assets has led them to identify themselves as virtual real estate investors.

However, virtual real estate is not just something he invests in out of passion; he also sees tremendous growth and profit opportunities in this industry in the near future.

He only makes his investments in micro private equity. This means that he only invests in small businesses worth under $5 million. This is a profitable niche because the hotshot investors who rule the traditional private equity investment market do not have any interest in these small acquisitions. At the same time, these enterprises are too costly for traditional retail investors to afford. So with an open market and absence of over-powering investors, Micro PE has become a really profitable investment niche. The nature of these businesses helps investors diversify their portfolios and grow them in a short period.

The unprecedented growth of the digital space worldwide has also fueled the growth of small online businesses and added to their value. Advancing technology has made investing in micro PE even more profitable. Daniel recognized the potential of micro PEs long before his contemporaries and has massively contributed to its growth.

With his unmatched experience in investing and his experienced business mind, he can surely see where the future of virtual real estate is headed. Daniel Javor is one of the premier global leaders in micro PEs who is at the helm of virtual real estate and micro PE’s journey to worldwide success.