9/11: What is remembered, and how is it remembered?

The historic events of September 11, 2001 – the attacks on the World Trade Center and the subsequent courage and sacrifice of that day – are now 20 years past


Over the last year, I have taken a number of photos of New York City firefighter neighborhood 9/11 memorials. In my view, this tragedy has been fading from our collective memory. I wanted to document these “unofficial” memorials, to see what is still around and how time has affected them over the past two decades. Are those spaces still set aside for commemoration of that day, or has city life engulfed them? I wanted to see what these memorials say about our memories.

Many of them include the words “Never Forget,” but I wonder — even for something as catastrophic as 9/11, will we eventually “Forget”?    ❖






More FDNY neighborhood memorials can be seen here: