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Korean-American Professional Poker Player Andrew Jeong Is One to Watch


Andrew Jeong is a professional poker player of South Korean descent who has made strides in the industry in the US. Aside from being a master at poker, he’s also a serial entrepreneur and investor, owning various franchises in different parts of the planet. Andrew is the founder and head of the clothing brand Bonsaintz, which has been patronized by countless Korean celebrities, including K-pop artists.

When he was only 21 years old, Andrew launched his branding and web development company in his home country in South Korea. This company became the starting point of his eventual successful career as a businessman as he moved to the West a few years later. When he founded Bonsaintz, Andrew elevated himself to a much higher level as he became known to people from all walks of life.

Poker became Andrew’s biggest passion, and he considers this his most significant endeavor and something he wants to be most successful at. He has been a regular in the game, starting in his teenage years, but only started joining major tournaments in 2021. Andrew joined the WSOP poker games online the same year and became the top-ranked South Korean player right away.

As of this moment, Andrew has five cash or money finishes and one final table. He’s also going for the WSOP bracelet, the most prestigious non-monetary reward a poker player can get. Andrew previously joined the 13thedition of the No-Limit Hold ’em Event of the World Series Of Poker of 2021. He won around $3,000 in said event and placed 8th overall, which is one of his best finishes.

One major challenge Andrew had to overcome when he started his business was knowing when and how to start. He also needed to distinguish trustworthy people from those that would just fail or disappoint him in the end. However, he ultimately decided to tackle his fears and went on to build his first business in South Korea. The moment he got his feet wet, it became easy for him to dominate in other places too.

Andrew’s road to success was filled with many obstacles, including working with people who didn’t live up to his expectations. He learned things the hard way but eventually found the strength to get back up, move forward, and never look back. These encounters took their toll on his mental health, but he chose to be productive nonetheless and enjoyed the victories later on in his career.

When he got into poker, Andrew had to overcome his impatience as it got in the way of stable decision-making. He also realized that he needed to improve so he could master the games and become a wiser person in the process. Making connections with some of the world’s best poker players also taught Andrew to recognize his weaknesses and work on them.

In the future, Andrew hopes his businesses will grow into more franchises and help more people at the same time. People can check out his social media handles, like Instagram and Facebook, to learn the latest about his poker ventures. Andrew built a dedicated Instagram page for Bonsaintz, which people can follow to gain access to some of his coolest clothing items.

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