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Elmira Naderikooshesh, Founder of the ELNA Fashion Brand, Shares Her Wisdom


Every person is on a journey to make their dreams a reality. Some have already achieved them, while some are on the right path, with the majority still struggling to identify their ideal path to making a dream come true. Regardless of where you fall in the categories above, the fact is that everyone has their definition of success and is facing their own path.

The good thing is that you can always borrow life lessons from other people’s journeys to success. This can help you brighten your path or avoid falling into or making the same or similar mistakes. This can be a solid foundation to boost your efforts as it helps you view and understand life from other people’s perspectives and how you can apply it to your life.

Elmira Naderikooshesh is a successful designer who believes that everyone has the potential to become whoever they want in life. Elmira is the founder of the ELNA fashion brand, an iconic business in the fashion industry for its unique and one-of-a-kind designs. Elmira is also a passionate and creative designer who likes to push the limits to bring her clients nothing but the best to make them stand out in the crowd.

Elmira has made a name for herself in the industry with her outstanding dresses created from authentic designs. Each of her designs can change its own quality or character as soon as the material of that dress changes. This unique feature implies that each dress can keep the same design but can be used in different scenarios and for different purposes or occasions. Elmira considers it her signature trademark in the fashion world, which she loves to term as multitask design.

Though many know her for her creativity and success, Elmira shares an inspiring story of rising against all odds to make her wildest dreams come to life. She was born and raised in a society with so many restrictions on women’s fashion. Growing up in such an environment limited and suffocated her creativity and passion for the fashion world for a large part of her life.

However, Elmira was extremely passionate about the fashion world, and she would never let her dream go. She kept it alive until it was the right time to pursue it, and she is truly living her dream. She has gained a vital mastery of the fashion industry dynamics, and she believes that she is only one step away from realizing her ultimate success.

Elmira wants to use her success to motivate and encourage others to never give up on their goals because nothing is impossible. She also wants to help others understand that success is a journey and never a destination. You have to keep working hard and doing your best to achieve your goals. She believes that you are the author of your destiny, so you are responsible for showcasing what you have to the world.

Elmira now wants to scale her brand and possibly change the face of design. She wants to create a new lane for fashion design in the world.

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