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Austin Barnard Is Educating and Empowering Clients in the Financial World


The financial industry is an essential sector in the global economy. It is an extensive industry with numerous players and technologies that are competing for supremacy in the industry. This is attributed to the increasing technological developments largely from tech startups and other small players. Blockchain is one of the revolutionary technologies completely disrupting the financial world. It is a new concept that is proving to take over the industry in the coming years.

Blockchain has also provided new career opportunities for aspiring traders and investors in the digital currency markets. Cryptocurrencies are becoming widely accepted, with traders across the world showing great interest in these digital coins. Though revolutionary tech, cryptos are still under-exploited, with their full potential yet to be realized. Many people have not yet come to terms with blockchain technology and are still trying to understand the concept. Austin Barnard, a blockchain expert, has been at the forefront of educating and empowering clients in the financial world to see the potential in these digital currencies.

Austin, the co-founder and portfolio manager for Orca Capital’s family of funds, is a successful trader in the crypto world. Austin manages all five funds in the Orca Capital family. After graduating from Ohio State and getting his CPA at EY, Austin was a full-time stock and equities trader before discovering bitcoin in early 2017. After researching blockchain technology, he quickly realized crypto is the future and has been fully committed ever since.

Aside from building his success in the industry, Austin is passionate about educating others in the finance world.

“I feel like my life goal is to help others have an open mind. Too many people naturally bash things they don’t understand, and it often can lead to some of the biggest missed opportunities,” says Austin.

He reaches out to traditional finance people and any newbies in the industry to help them have an open mind and see the incredible value of blockchain technology. He wants to help them see how it will disrupt pretty much everything in the finance industry.

Though a sector with high potential, Austin explains that establishing a business in the crypto world was not easy. The main challenges starting Orca Capital were mainly on the legal side. Coming from a background with no hedge fund knowledge, it’s been a continuous game of learning how the regulated financial world works. He adds that factoring in crypto makes it much harder since the regulation in the crypto space has a lot of gray areas as it’s an entirely new industry. Also, banks do not like crypto-related businesses, so opening and maintaining business bank accounts with a crypto business has been and still is a challenge for them.

Fortunately, Austin has managed to pull through the many obstacles, driving his way to success. He credits his passion and dedication to uncovering a way through the many obstacles to be the key to his success. He challenges others to start by finding something they are truly passionate about. Every startup requires a ton of hard work and long days, but building something you love makes everything much easier.

Austin is now looking forward to running a $1B+ crypto hedge fund in 5 years. In the meantime, he is engrossed in opening a DeFi-focused fund, and he is very excited to add this fund to their growing list.

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