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Meet Only Smoke FIRE, the Company Creating a Top-Tier Cannabis Experience


Cannabis has been scientifically proven to have a multitude of benefits for people’s health and well-being. However, countless groups are still hesitant about the safety of using this plant to treat various kinds of diseases. Countless people have had a negative view of others who use cannabis recreationally. For this reason, many companies have risen to remove the stigma surrounding this drug.

FIRE is an up-and-coming company that aspires to change cannabis’ negative perception in society. Founded in early 2021, its main agenda is to create a top-tier experience for people who use cannabis to improve their lives. FIRE is still in its first year, but it’s already making significant changes to the industry by promoting well-informed and curated lifestyles using cannabis.

As seen all over their social media pages, FIRE aims to redefine what it means for people to live, breath, and smoke FIRE. The company utilizes high-quality, innovative designs and is extremely dedicated to providing top-notch products. Its flagship product, the 24K gold pre-roll, embodies FIRE’s commitment to its craft and has been receiving highly favorable reviews.

FIRE’s products are currently available only within the state of California, but its lifestyle, brand, and merch are recognized in the entire U.S. The company has gained the trust of some of the biggest names in the industry, namely Tory Lanez, YG, Big Sean, Swae Lee, and SmokePurpp. Since their launch, their products have been present at major partying events, including ones at mansions in the hills of Los Angeles and on the streets of South Beach Miami.

FIRE deals with competition from other companies who claim to deliver the best products every day. This challenge motivates the entire team to stand out in this sea of brands as they strive for longevity in the industry. Instead of focusing on cannabis itself, FIRE chooses to focus on the lifestyle aspect of the brand. In addition, they always maintain using only premium and fresh cannabis for each of their products.

The stigma surrounding cannabis is still present in most states and countries, so the people behind FIRE chose California to start the business. Californians have become more accepting of cannabis, which means they could keep consistent sales within the state. FIRE is vertically integrated with five indoor cultivations in Los Angeles, giving them full control of their supplies and operations.

FIRE’s founders have learned that a brand’s ability to be timeless will not be found in trends. For this reason, they make sure the company is not too caught up with the latest in major social media apps like TikTok and Instagram. FIRE takes pride in its small team who makes sure they are guided through their vision of a luxurious lifestyle.

In the next few months, FIRE hopes to see itself continuing the evolution into every aspect of the cannabis industry. The company also wants to make its products more accessible by developing more ways for people to enjoy the actual product and luxe packaging. By 2022, FIRE products will most likely become available in the majority of the U.S. as the team plans on using a direct-to-consumer delivery platform.

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