2022: The Voice Relaunch Continues in Print and these E-Editions

Politics, war, mad music, hot books, and general lunacy—we've got it covered.


We are, as the saying goes, cursed to live in interesting times—in fact, times reminiscent of the tumultuous and tragic mid-20th century: A dictator has launched an aggressive war in Europe, affecting both Ukrainians and their environment, fascist demagogues spew hate here at home, basic human rights are under attack, and general lunacy reigns. Well, we’ve covered all the above and more in print this past year, and now you can catch up with the e-Editions to see what you’ve missed. In addition to politics, you can take the Wayback Machine to the Village in 1960, read an interview with a mad musician, or check out an overview of one of cinema’s greatest years. It’s all been in print in 2022.

The full collection of 2022’s print issues can be found here.

As always, we’re 24/7/365 online—and we’ll let you know when the next print edition is coming, sooner rather than later.   ❖


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