Where To Find The Best Edibles In Long Beach, California


It’s not exactly hard to find edibles in Long Beach, California. Long Beach has long been hailed for its rightful place on the SoCal cannabis throne, thanks to the community’s grassroots cannabis culture and booming modern cannabis industry. It’s the place to go for backdoor bud, luxury dispensaries, rare hybrids, dank flower, and some of the tastiest and most innovative edibles you’ve ever tasted.

But the dense forest of cannabis edibles in Long Beach doesn’t mean that city limits are overflowing with quality treats. Rather, you’ll find your cheap low-end mixed within the top quality high-end cannabis, and the trick is knowing how to discern between the two.

To find the best edibles in Long Beach, you’ll want to look at pricing structure (high prices don’t equate to quality), lab testing, transparency, customer service, selection and of course, consumer reviews. After searching far and wide, taste-testing what felt like all the edibles in Long Beach, we decided on our favorite go-to spot for the best in Long Beach: King’s Crew.

Located at 5630 PCH in the 90814 of Long Beach, King’s Crew has been crowned purveyor of the best edibles in Long Beach by not just us, but their loyal customers as well. From beers to gummies, chocolates and sodas, CANN tonics, hard candies, edible cookie dough… the list of delicious offerings seems to never end. In addition to tasty treats, King’s Crew of course also carries the standard soft gels, capsules and tinctures.

King’s Crew is a full-service, licensed cannabis dispensary located in Long Beach, CA. They provide a premium customer shopping experience with their beautiful, contemporary retail space, caring and knowledgeable staff. They offer a wide selection of only the finest compliant cannabis products and edibles in Long Beach. Conveniently found on Pacific Coast Highway and 7th Street, they offer accessible on-site parking and a Royalty Rewards program to gain points towards future purchases.

King’s Crew’s mission is to not only stock the best edibles in Long Beach, but to provide their customers an inviting cannabis retail experience with excellency in customer service and product selection to make you feel like royalty.

From cannabis newcomers to cannabis lifers, Long Beach’s community knows to hit up the crew for all their cannabis needs.

“Kings crew is awesome,” says new customer Diane Z. “I’m new to smoking weed; I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia so I use it for pain, and I call in my order once a week. I am still learning what to order, and Kings Crew staff always helps me out, and are so patient with me! Delivery times are great too! Love them!”

Shaw D. agrees with her positive experience, telling us: “Absolutely LOVE King’s Crew! Great, kind, knowledgeable people. And excellent product, great selection, at typical market prices. A LOT of amazing daily bargains too! My community!”

David D. sums up what has been our experience as well, sharing:” Love the service.. love the atmosphere and, love product to the high heavens!!”

Looking to find the best edibles in Long Beach? Look no further than King’s Crew. We’ll see you there! Save us a CANN.