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Brian Underwood’s Best Business Advice of 2022


As 2021 winds down and the world gears up for a new year, we’re all wondering what challenges lie ahead and how to navigate the ever-changing business landscape of these times. Brian Underwood, founder of Prüvit, finds himself and his company in the middle of everything as he and his team continue to develop, improve, and redefine the health and wellness space with their breakthrough Pure Therapeutic Ketones. Luckily,

having embraced the challenges of change throughout his life, he is ready for the future. Having the strength of a focused mission along with the patience and perseverance that comes with entrepreneurial experience, he’s excited to be in the business of empowering better health outcomes because, let’s face it, consumers are actively seeking exactly what they are creating.

In 2022 Let Purpose Guide Your Success (and Happiness)

“People frequently start out in business to chase money, but the ones who last the longest find some kind of greater purpose during their journey. Money is not going to make you happy. Happiness comes from what you are able to give back to the world. For me, my purpose is to inspire and help people to become the best version of themselves.”

Now, More Than Ever, Attitude is Instrumental

“The first thing that always comes to my mind is something that my dad said to me as he dropped me off at school every day: ‘Be positive and confident in all you do.’ I think that’s the number one principle in business, to be constantly moving forward with that faith in yourself.”

Find Solutions: . Make People’s Lives Better.

“Innovation is another idea that means a lot to me. It’s about bringing new value to people’s lives that they didn’t have before. I think that’s the best way to constantly stretch boundaries and never become complacent.”

This Isn’t Easy, but Look For New Opportunities and Find What Helps You

“Understand that things will not go back to normal after this but there will be a ‘new normal.’ The truth is that a lot of people have been negatively affected by COVID, but there has been a lot of new opportunities created during this time too. Find the silver lining. We can ask ourselves ‘how can I get better right now?’ I think staying active and continuing to move is a very important part of that.”

Expect Changes In How We Do Business

“There are going to be new businesses emerging to fill the gaps that the pandemic has exposed. Home-based businesses will continue to thrive after this and I expect that the wellness industry as a whole will thrive. This is going to give people an awareness of what they can control and how they can protect themselves in the future by being healthier. I think home fitness will continue to flourish as it has throughout the past few months.”

Pruvit’s 2022 Strategy

“We’re going to double down on virtual experiences even as people reenter the world, but we’re going to join those with in- person experiences as well. We’re going to continue to be a leader in education and human optimization, and we’re going to continue our international expansion.”

Timeless Mom and Dad Wisdom To Live By

“A great one from my mom is ‘this too shall pass.’ She said that all the time. Life will always throw tough circumstances at us, but life keeps on moving and those circumstances won’t last forever. My dad used to say ‘tough times don’t last but tough people do,’ which just means that in our minds, we have to keep looking forward.”