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Meet Kale Goodman and Trevor Cowley, Founders of Real Business Owners LLC


Kale Goodman and Trevor Cowley are two successful entrepreneurs who share similar goals. The two are well-established 8-figure entrepreneurs with vast business experience and a massive understanding of various sectors. Kale and Trevor are the founders of Real Business Owners LLC, a popular podcast helping entrepreneurs find success in their different industries. An informative show, Real Business Owners LLC is listed among the top 1% of business podcasts.

The two showed their skills for entrepreneurship in their late teens. Kale was 20, Trevor was 19, working as sales representatives at a call center. Trevor met some shady characters early on in sales that ultimately led him to a 4-year drug addiction that he conquered in 2008. After getting clean, that’s when he went back into sales where he and Kale linked up again. Trevor started as a sales rep for Kale and a few years in, Trevor bought in as an owner. He was the top representative and the sales manager for a few years when the company hit the skids and came in, funded it, and started to operate it to turn it around. Though Kale was good, his entrepreneurial spirit got the best of him. Kale doubled down in his basement with a forex side-hustle which cost him his high-paying sales job at a tax company he was working for. The two later partnered up when Kale’s accounting partners were leaving. Working together, Trevor and Kale rebuilt the business. Trevor was good at keeping things structured and taking ownership of the responsibilities and overall management of the business.

Kale started in 2006 when he got fired, they partnered up in 2011. Trevor got things straightened out and later linked up with Kale. Being Kale’s employee for about three years, Trevor didn’t want people he was managing to lose their jobs. He threw in funds and kept things afloat at the perfect timing. Anything lost was charged to experience, slowly growing in entrepreneurship.

The two entrepreneurs are looking to achieve more significant business success moving forward. In five years, Trevor aims to create his own events, fill up rooms, and make an impact. It is not just necessarily masterminds, but more events styled to bring in speakers who brought value to their journey and share these individuals’ experiences with people. For them to bring value, they grew over the last five years watching these individuals and listening to stuff. At the end of the day, they feel like they’re just as good as those individuals. The only thing between them is time.

Trevor Cowley wants to reach more people and talk to them, share his experience and all the things they have gone through, and all the experiences. He believes that they will certainly get paid for going through it and sticking it out while helping others. According to Trevor, making money fills up the bank account, but impact fills up the soul. If you find a business that can do both of those things to create a positive impact in an individual’s life, plus they pay you for it, that’s like the perfect storm.

Kale Goodman is also determined to continue with his mission to create a movement. He wants to make that dream a reality and continue pushing that movement for good. He wants to nurture entrepreneurs who build their companies to positively serve and impact the marketplace and influence young entrepreneurs.