Idman’s Good Life

“Bad things don’t always happen to bad people, and sometimes we have to watch the people who’ve broken us the most, win loudly and publicly.”


Pop-R&B singer and songwriter Idman has released a new single and video, “Good Life” via Arista Records.

“ ‘Good Life’ is the breakup song I was almost too embarrassed to write,” Idman said in a statement. “It’s okay to not want to root on the people who hurt us. It’s okay to feel bitter and pathetic. It’s also not okay to just stay there either. Both things can be true. Bad things don’t always happen to bad people, and sometimes we have to watch the people who’ve broken us the most, win loudly and publicly—and it’s more than okay to feel fucked by the universe. I stand behind how I was feeling when I wrote it and even though a couple lines still make me cringe knowing I’m sharing this with the world, I know that I’m not alone in feeling these feelings. The song is redemptive too because in the end, I still never lost hope in the belief that my wins were coming too. I hope anyone who’s ever had to watch their shitty exes, and in some cases, their abusers succeed, knows that their distaste and hurt feelings are valid and justified. This song was instrumental in my healing, and I truly hope that it finds the people who it can hold in the same ways it has held me.”

It is a very honest song, with Idman singing, “I don’t want to hear about your good, good, good, good life, I don’t want to see you out there….” We’ve all been there.

The press release describes the video: “In the accompanying ‘Good Life (2022)’ visual directed by Jisun Lee, who created videos for Korea’s 3 top entertainment houses and for global K-Pop artists BTS, Hyukoh, Zico & NCT127, IDMAN pays homage to Ronnie Spector, famed singer of the Ronettes, who endured abuse at the hands of Phil Spector. One particular scene in the video points to the rare occasion that Phil allowed Ronnie out alone as she had to drive alongside a life-sized dummy of Spector with cigarette in mouth. It was important for IDMAN to honor Ronnie’s story of survival and the remarkable advocacy she carried throughout her life. Honoring survivors has been a connecting thread in all of IDMAN’s visuals that pulls all the way from her video for ‘Down For It’, which references Thelma & Louise—illustrating what it would be like to live in a world where driving off a cliff wasn’t a necessary resort in the aftermath of gender-based violence.”

Idman’s Good Life: Idman’s “Good Life” is out now.

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