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How Jason Brown, .jpgPapii, Is Transforming Lives as a Mentor/Educator in NFTs and Web3


Every person dreams of a financially secured life and a fulfilling career. However, most people don’t know the right way to achieve it and end up in dead-end jobs that provide no growth. The advent of technology has led to emerging marketing trends, introducing more and more opportunities that only a few are aware of. The digital currency market is one such space that has endless possibilities for financial growth. With the introduction of Web3, these opportunities have further achieved a new dimension through blockchain technology. The new iteration of the World Wide Web will turn the digital market into a lucrative playing field for investors.

Jason Brown, a successful digital entrepreneur and business coach, is helping people leverage these upcoming opportunities. His understanding of emerging technology and its impact on the market is unparalleled. With experience spanning more than 6 years in the digital currency market, Jason is a powerhouse of knowledge helping people develop a fulfilling career in the NFT industry. Although Jason never received a formal business education, he is counted among the top 5 digital marketers in the world in direct sales.

Jason‘s list of achievements doesn’t end there. He is the recipient of the prestigious GoPro Million Dollar Hall Of Fame. Currently, the digital entrepreneur owns two Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and many other projects in the Web3 space. He also founded a Web3 development agency and co-owns an IV Bars company. Profit has never been his yardstick of success. It has always been the value that he can create for people. As a business educator, mentor, and coach, Jason wants to deliver something to help people grow and improve their physical, mental, and financial status.

Born in a small town in New Jersey, Jason was raised in a middle-class family where everyone followed the traditional path to success. With no entrepreneur in his family to look up to, Jason paved his way to success as a consistent learner. He understands the pain of being in an unfulfilling job without financial security. To break free from his imprisoning 9 to 5 job and its never-ending struggle to financial freedom, Jason ventured into the NFT industry 6 years ago. Back then, he was more than $70K in debt. He decided to pivot his life towards growth and find a career that gave him happiness and fulfillment.

Initially, it was not easy for him to keep track of the ever-evolving market trends. He found it challenging to stay informed about all the changes that were taking place in the digital currency market every day. He gradually mastered the art to become an accomplished entrepreneur that many can look up to. Jason still wants to be identified as an ordinary man because he feels that is where he belongs. If he, as someone from a middle-class background, can become a successful entrepreneur at 29, anyone can.

Going forward, Jason wants to be at the forefront of the market, guiding people to take advantage of the opportunities that Web3 brings. He wants to contribute to the world rather than just take. He is happy to see the market evolving rapidly because that means more growth prospects for people. With this, he wants to deliver visible results to people, creating more success stories that will inspire even more people to venture into this space.