Spring Who? Bobby Brackins is Making Summer Hot with Lata Harbor Drop Pistol Piston

“I’ve made it this far, it’s time to just keep going and see what else happens. It’s time to just keep living and to keep inspiring others to live and do their thing.”


Bobby Brackins doesn’t mess around. Since we spoke with the artist last fall, he’s been hard at work creating, producing, writing, and just soaking in all the creative energy life has to offer. His newest single “Pistol Piston,” made with longtime friend and collaborator Nic Nac under their Lata Harbor persona, just dropped last week and folks are asking for more.

“Me and Nic Nac have been longtime collaborators – since high school,” says Brackins. “Me and Nic have managed to stay best friends and work together for years now. It’s fun to reinvent ourselves and take on new ventures. We like to give new life to different creative journeys.”

“Pistol Piston” may have just been released, but it’s a sure-fire banger already.

“It’s a bop, it’s a slap,” describes Brackins. “It’s a banger. It’s one of those songs you just catch a feel for… a song you want to grab a drink to, a song you want to live life to. I feel like it was an appropriate time to put it out because spring is here and summer is right around the corner.”

With the 80-degree weather and energetic social buzz that’s sweeping the city, it already feels like summer is here in L.A.

“It’s time to have new music that’ll be a vibe. Something for pool parties, something to pregame to, something to chill out to at a nice lounge or bar,” agrees Brackins.

A line in “Pistol Piston” that caught our attention is: “I’ve made it this far, I’m not afraid of death.” Brackins and his Lata Harbor crew imply that if we’ve all made it this far, it’s time to keep going and reap our due rewards. It’s been no easy task keeping one’s head above water since 2020, but we did it, we’re here, and it’s time we give ourselves the opportunity to enjoy life.

“The song is basically a collection of thoughts that incorporate having a good time,” explains Brackins. The line is personal to the artist, as he describes, “I’m still young but I’ve done so much and I’ve had so many different chapters and I’ve had to deal with so many ups and downs on this rollercoaster of life – especially when dealing with this rollercoaster of the music industry – so it’s like, I’ve made it this far, it’s time to just keep going and see what else happens. It’s time to just keep living and to keep inspiring others to live and do their thing.”

It’s a commendable intention, given how reclusive so many have found themselves becoming over the years. Pep talks are great, but an energizing bop that helps you feel something is what we all actually need. With last week’s drop of “Pistol Piston,” Brackins has delivered us a much-needed motivational remedy.

“People’s mindsets have just definitely changed over the past two years,” summarizes Brackins.

Releasing just two songs in two years under Lata Harbor – “Drug of Choice” and “Wash My Hands” – Brackins is ready to let loose, create new chapters, and continue to make his mark on the world.

“It’s time for a new renaissance,” states the artist. Microphone in hand, Brackins is ready to lead the charge.

With at least four songs ready and waiting in his arsenal, he plans on putting new music on streaming platforms back-to-back as a lead-up to an eventual album drop.

“They’re all really cool, really good songs that are all different kinds of vibes. I think people will love them,” he says. “My goal, my plan, is once this song [Pistol Piston] drops, I’m not going to wait to drop the next one… I just want to keep the ball rolling and putting music out there, putting creations out there, and see what people are feeling.”

Brackins’ collaborations and solo endeavors can be found on all the popular streaming platforms, and, possibly, via an NFT.


“I would be interested in doing an NFT song release in the near future for sure,” shares Brackins, “because the technology is really cool and innovative. It’s interesting!”

When the man says it’s time for a cultural renaissance, he means it.

TikTok has been one major catalyst in the engagement and consumption culture shift that has reshaped the industry. Some artists embrace it, others who have been in the industry for more than one seismic shift have been more wary, waiting to see the downs that come with the ups. By now it’s pretty clear: If you want to stay relevant, you need to claim your space on the app.

“There’s some really cool creative stuff, there’s some funny stuff. I’ve discovered that whatever you like, there’s something for you on TikTok,” says Brackins. “I’m glad I finally snapped out of being kind of ‘anti-TikTok’ because it’s fun! I like it. I see why people enjoy the platform and it’s a great way to get your music heard.”

Brackins plans on integrating the platform into his music release strategy moving forward, and we’re pretty excited and curious to see it play out. A man of the people, Brackins is no stranger to cutting out superfluous middlemen in pursuit of a more streamlined give and take with his fans.

As the world of creation continues to grow and shift, one can’t help but feel exhausted trying to keep up with modern trends. But for someone like Bobby Brackins who has been a master of the industry game since his high school days (the artist is now in his early thirties), staying on his toes is just a part of what makes the lifestyle thrilling.

Brimming with inspiration and energy, Brackins has let his talent grow outside the musical box, not only signing his own talent – a prodigious London producer – but writing a screenplay as well. And he does fashion, with Hollywood darling Zendaya repping his brand Lost Kats.

When it comes to creativity, Bobby Brackins is a prodigal fountain of youth. Always working on something, if not many things, at once, he breezes through industry roadblocks with a natural ease that’s both disarming and charming all the same. It’s often said that a true virtuoso can be identified by innate ability and drive, and Brackins is living proof that talent like that still exists.

You can find his music on all streaming platforms, and the man himself on Insta @bobbybrackins. Pistol Piston just dropped, with more to soon follow.

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