How Bossy Baddies is Helping Women Entrepreneurs in the Web3


The Web3 impact has witnessed a new generation of investors in decentralised blockchain-based internet networks. This claim is from a study conducted by Stilt, a leading research firm. The findings revealed that millennials account for about 94% of cryptocurrency holders. While the figures revealed that young investors are becoming more interested, there is a significant divide between female and male Web3 investors. This divide has been the case for a while, but the disparity is bound to change, thanks to the rising number of women-driven NFT projects. As NFTs gain tremendous popularity, women-led NFT projects also follow the upward trend.

Bossy Baddies, founded by Lauren Norden, a passionate female entrepreneur, continues to make waves in the NFT scene with various NFT collections to empower the next generation of Web 3 investors. Bossy Baddies, a one-of-a-kind NFT collection, takes over the area with their original pieces that inspire inspirational art. The team comprises brilliant and enterprising minds reinventing the metaverse and web3 technology.

Bossy Baddies understand the challenges women face daily and the obstacles they must overcome to gain traction in today’s environment. The Bossy Baddies of Web3 initiative aims to make it easier for people to get into the world of NFTs and cryptocurrencies and promote a more diverse and inclusive Web3 environment. The idea is to create a friendly environment and a community of people who share similar DeFi interests.

Bossy Baddies aims to provide unparalleled support to women entrepreneurs by allowing them to pursue their passions and positively impact the world through Web3 technology. The project already has over 14K Twitter followers, 5000-plus members on Discord, and 500+ filled whitelist spots with much more potential to grow the numbers.

Bossy Baddies have partnered with some of the brightest female creatives, industry leaders, and influencers to bring you this groundbreaking NFT art. Their community will have a huge impact on women entrepreneurs and empower women worldwide. The Association of Women’s Business Centers, the Ibu Foundation, and Global Education Philanthropists have forged agreements with the Bossy Baddies project.

Despite being one of the fastest-growing NFT projects, the team has experienced various challenges along the way, some of which are a result of it being a women-driven project. “Being a woman-founder in the male-dominated web3 space is the biggest hurdle I have had to overcome; fortunately, with the unwavering support of my team, we were able to thrive and bring to the spotlight a women-founded project. We are doing this so that all genders are treated as equal in web3, ” says Lauren Norden.

In the future, the goal for Bossy Baddies is to have a real-life impact on women, both within and outside the sphere of Web3. The goal of Bossy Baddies is to show that women can kick a$$ online in real life. Lauren admonishes other ambitious female entrepreneurs to work hard and never give up no matter how difficult life may be. Rather, strive to be creative and continue to progress while learning from your failures. More importantly, approach everything professionally because there’s always a ripple effect.