How Ari Meilich, Co-Founder of Big Time and Decentraland, Creates Connection


When thinking about video games, some people may consider them solo activities. You log onto your computer or gaming console, go through the game on your own, then log off when you’re done. In actuality, with the advent of the internet and streaming communication platforms like Discord, gamers are more connected than ever. The multiplayer gaming industry is rising in popularity, and with the metaverse and Web 3 making a splash, this is probably going to continue for the long haul. One of the people in the industry embracing the power of connection is Ari Meilich.

Ari Meilich has had a busy time in his industry, creating multiple successful projects. He’s the co-founder of popular multiplayer RPG Big Time, and decentralized metaverse Decentraland. Big Time is a fascinating game that’s catching the attention of players around the globe. The game encourages connection through its multiplayer option, allowing and encouraging you to team up with friends when playing. The game’s concept is an interesting one; you’re immersed in a world of time travel, visiting ancient worlds and futuristic landscapes. You battle your way through history, and when you defeat enemies, you can collect rare NFT items and loot. This is just a glimpse into the exciting options Big Time offers during gameplay.

Decentraland is the other creation by Ari Meilich that has drummed up a lot of popularity. This virtual world is a shining example of how gaming and time spent on the computer can be as social and connective as in-person interactions. Decentraland allows users to lose themselves in an amazing, evolving virtual world that’s owned by its users. There are numerous lands, “from a space adventure to a medieval dungeon maze to entire villages crafted from the minds of community members.”