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AllStars Digital’s Marc Aspinall Shares how he is taking new Sports Player Assets to the next generation of Traders


The concept of tokenization is becoming more popular as different entrants in the sports industry embrace blockchain technology. We have seen several players tokenize their contracts with this new ecosystem, enabling both players and their fans to have an extra source of revenue. But tokenization in the sports industry has a long way to go. It is very much in its infancy, and there are many gaps, some of which AllStars Digital is trying to close.

Marc Aspinall is a Capital Markets expert with over 20 years of experience. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer at AllStars Digital. Previously, Marc was Group Director of Partners at CMC Markets where he was responsible for millions of dollars of B2B monthly revenue. Marc later relocated to the Middle East as Global Head of Sales at the $500m regionally financed ADS Securities. Later, Marc was an early partner in the formation of Naga Group which went on to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Marc explains “Sports betting is a huge industry. Traditional offerings from sports book operators dominate but they have shown no innovation in over a decade, and they cannot translate their product to web 3.0. At AllStars Digital we want to democratize Trading on the performance of Sports Stars via a digital economy based on a blockchain token, the AllStars Coin ($ASC). Our plan is to deliver the world’s first digital sports exchange.”

Through Allstars Digital, Marc is redefining the sporting and gaming industries and delivering the first of its kind digital sports alternative assets. These digital sports alternative assets are effectively tokenizing player performance and creating an experience akin to that that millions of crypto traders are already familiar with. These can be traded just like a digital token. The plan is to launch on a Tier 1 exchange and be available on many more such as Kucoin,, Binanc etc.  over the coming year

AllStars has taken a holistic approach to gambling by building a product that ticks all the boxes. According to Aspinall, their goal is to democratize trading on the performance of sports stars through a digital economy based on a blockchain token and go above and beyond binary outcomes.

AllStars Digital is changing gambling and creating a system where the performance of digital assets is pegged to the player’s holistic performance. Unlike traditional gambling, where you win or lose based on singular or accumulated declared predictions, AllStars Digital has extended sports trading on the athlete’s holistic performance.

This means that instead of a binary bet based on singular predictions, holders can watch and earn based on several factors. For instance, if a player performs well, e.g., a tackle, pass, assist, or score, their asset price will increase based on each performance. Similarly, if the athlete performs poorly e.g, misses tackles, gives the ball away, or gets sent off, their asset prices will drop depending on how much they have lost.

Aspinall’s unique approach to tokenization and blockchain as a whole and even his field experience give AllStars Digital the upper hand and allow the company to fulfill its mission.

The rest of the team behind AllStars is strongly qualified in the capital markets, exchanges, sporting industry and blockchain, enabling them to build the world’s first crypto-enabled sports exchange.

As tokenization in the sports industry continues to attract a lot of attention and many brands join, AllStars Digital is leading these transformations. Marc and his team are tokenizing player performance and redefining traditional gambling as they create more opportunities for athletes and sports fans.

“Soon after the initial Exchange is launched in Q4 2022, the AllStars Digital project gets busy with Web 3.0 plans. This starts with the launch of the DAO in 2023 which will allow $ASC holders to vote on the Players they want to see come onto the blockchain. This is the first step into a longer programme to recreate the entire AllStars Digital Exchange as a DEX. The decision on the blockchain protocol we will build on will be revealed soon. This is a hot debate as you can imagine.

Into the future, we envisage an NFT series of sporting moments which can be used to unlock the AR interaction in the AllStars Digital Sports Exchange in the Metaverse. The lease for this real estate is already being processed.”

AllStars Digital is providing a response to the  outdated options Sports Fans have with the existing gaming industry and leading the space to a new era of trading where the outcome is based on player performance. Their unique strategy has enabled them to make a difference in the field and build a solid community of sports fans.

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