Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Trots an Excess of Narrative Invention

The visionary director delivers a willfully eccentric bear of a movie.


Jordan Peele’s new joint is cannoli-stuffed with calisthenic connections, thematic leaps, retro UFO visuals, deft jokes, actory energy, and horses. Lots of horses.

Reviewer Michael Atkinson notes that the story mashes up Hollywood animal wranglers, a flying saucer concealed by an unmoving cloud, a bloody chimpanzee in a party hat on the corpse-strewn set of a TV sitcom, a shoe magically balanced on its heel, old film-geek references, fringe Hollywood milieu, and gabby monologues amid “a roaring sound mix, by far the scariest thing in the movie.” Does any of it add up to a coherent plot? Well, the cast is having a blast, and who doesn’t like a couple of hours of horses and aliens?

Get the full review and trailer at L.A. Weekly. —VV editors



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