Heaven 17 Recall Earth, Wind & Fire

Best Gig I Ever Saw: Glenn Gregory of synthpop stars Heaven 17 told us about his Earth, Wind & Fire experience.


Glenn Gregory: The best concert I have ever been to was Earth, Wind & Fire in London at the Wembley Arena in 1982.

I had fantastic tickets and was seated pretty much front and center to witness one of the most flamboyant, theatrical, and spiritually uplifting gigs that there has ever been. Oh and the sound of that band. Oh and that brass section. Oh and the quality and beauty of the vocal performances was absolutely celestial and then the golden phoenix with an eight-foot wingspan flew over the top of my head and disappeared behind the stage…no, I wasn’t tripping, that really happened, honestly.

I left the venue that night in a transcendent state and the next morning called Virgin Records (our label) and said we have to get the Earth, Wind & Fire horn section to play on a Heaven 17 track.

We know they’re in London, we saw them last night and with typical and admirable coolness, Gemma Corfield (who pretty much ran things, without anyone really noticing) said, ok, what day…and that’s how The Phoenix Horns ended up on the Heaven 17 album The Luxury Gap. Now that really was an awesome gig, and I didn’t even mention the outfits! ♦

Heaven 17 will be playing Le Poisson Rouge on September 27th.



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