&Friends In High Places

For "Not Another DJ" we find out how &Friends riffs on some of the deep roots of dance music.


“The desire to create things for myself fueled my early production work.” Sean Thomas, AKA &Friends, told Brett Callwood. “It was an outlet for my emotions and helped me make sense of the world. I’ve always been curious about taking something from my mind and translating it into frequency, sound, and words.”

Their conversation also considered some deep historical ground: “We could all use a reminder of festival’s place in human tradition,” &Friends tells Callwood. “We have long used music, collective dance, and voice to communicate with our environment and the forces of nature.  Although nightlife may look different, we’re still connecting with energies greater than ourselves. These settings are ripe for connection but require embodied leaders to promote it. My aim is to harness the potent power of collective experience, and funnel it into something more intentional.”

For the full, in-depth discussion and a sampler of videos click here. —VV editors

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