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What Dosage of CBD Should You Take?

How much CBD should you be taking each morning and night? Let’s take a look at CBD dosage.


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CBD dosage refers to the amount of CBD you take each time. You can take a full dosage as recommended on the product packaging, or you can take a specialized dosage based on your needs. Let’s take a look at how to figure out what CBD dosage is best for you.

When You First Start CBD

When you first start out taking CBD products, you may not want to start out on the full recommended CBD dosage for your product.

For one, typically CBD doses are taken morning and night, regularly. It takes a little time for the CBD oils to build up and level off in your system. So you need to start off slow and assess how the CBD is working for you before you increase your dosage.

Secondly, it takes your body a little time to get used to taking the oils. There are a few mild side effects and starting out on a smaller dosage can help you to avoid these effects.

If a full CBD dosage on your tinctures, for example, says ½ dropper, you’ll take a smaller amount than that each morning and night gradually working your way up to taking that full recommended dose.

Taking the Recommended CBD Dosage

Sometimes you get to the full recommended dosage and after a few weeks feel it isn’t enough. You have several options here:

  1. If you’re taking a broad spectrum formula, try switching to a full spectrum CBD formula in the same strength. This provides a small amount of THC which initiates the entourage effect, a fancy way of saying – it just works better. Also, the added THC helps even more to stabilize your moods and sleep patterns.
  2. Consider taking a little more than a regular CBD dosage. This can help until you get a stronger formula to use. Use up your current bottle this way and then move to a higher strength CBD oil.
  3. If you’re already taking full spectrum CBD with the power duo of CBD + THC, then you may simply need a stronger formula. There are many available CBD strengths, even up to high strength CBD options. Move up to the strength you feel will be more effective for you.

How Much CBD Is in Each Dose of CBD?

It’s easy to figure out how much CBD you’re taking at each dose. First, look at the strength of the CBD you are using. It may say 3000 mg, for example. This means that there is 3000 mg of CBD in that bottle. This does not mean that you are taking 2000 mg for each of your CBD doses. To get that number, divide the [number of milligrams per bottle] by the [number of doses per bottle]. This result is the number of milligrams per one single full dose. You’ll have to adjust this number up or down if you are taking a partial dose or more than the full dose.

Once you know how much you are taking per dose, it’s easier to switch to a higher strength and know how much more CBD per dose you are taking. This is also helpful information if you supplement with other CBD products between your CBD doses. By calculating your milligrams per dose for each product you are taking each day you can learn your daily CBD intake by milligrams.

Reasons You Might Change Your CBD Dosage

So, how do you know if you’re on the right CBD dosage? There are several factors involved such as the type of CBD oil you are using and what strength. Getting the dosage right also means taking the right product you need. If you keep adjusting your dosage and it still doesn’t feel like enough CBD support for you then consider moving to the next strongest CBD strength.

Tips on Dosage

If you are taking far more than the regular recommended CBD serving size, then it’s likely you need a stronger CBD product.

If you are taking less than the standard CBD dosage and feel it’s too much, then you may need to move to a lower strength CBD. Or, you could continue taking a partial dosage of the higher strength if that works for you – which may extend the life of your bottle of CBD.

Allow each dosage adjustment some time. It may take several weeks at a new dosage to get the full understanding of how it affects your body. Remember, very small adjustments can have big results, so make small dosage changes, continue taking it regularly at the new dosage amount, and then wait a few weeks. Evaluate how you feel and how it’s helping, and then make another small change to your dosage, if necessary.

And one final tip: While you’re making dosage adjustments, try the CBD oil tinctures for the most easily measurable CBD oil, allowing for those fine-tuning adjustments you need. While it may take a little time to find the perfect CBD dosage for you, it’s worth it. The perfect CBD dosage for you will deliver all of those wonderful CBD benefits (like improved moods, enhanced workout recovery, and more stable sleep patterns) that you need for a well-balanced body and mind.

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