Top 20 Male OnlyFans in 2023


When most people think about OnlyFans models they picture young women showing their tits off in lingerie pics, but that’s not what everybody is into. Gay men, women, and others who love to look at the male form will appreciate that OnlyFans is a versatile platform that showcases literally thousands of super-hot men of all shapes, sizes, and affinities. If you are looking for hunky oiled up male models, dirty boys who just turned 18, or big bear daddies you could cuddle up with, OnlyFans male performers are certain to fill your needs as they fuck or get fucked. See posed modeling pics, solo photos and videos, and fun content with one or more partners.

These guys do it all. Read on to find out who are our top ten Men on OnlyFans, and why we chose who we did to share with you. 2023 is the year of the Male Only Fans star, wait and see.

Best Male OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best 20 Male OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

  1. imfamousr6 – Biker Bad Boy Male OnlyFans
  2. Clifford Packer – Canadian Exhibionist OnlyFans Guys
  3. Alfie North – UK King Male Only Fans
  4. Zoro – Zoro’s Hub OnlyFans Males
  5. Hercules – The Demi Gawd Guys OnlyFans
  6. Jay D – Aka Jerk Joe Guys on OnlyFans
  7. XLDoubleSausage – Double Sausage Top Male OnlyFans
  8. RippeShow – Twink with a Dink Best Male OnlyFans
  9. Effort – Free Top Male OnlyFans
  10. Cassidy – That Guy OnlyFans Male
  11. The King of Only Fans – Straight Male Only Fans VIP Page
  12. That Nice Moustache Man – Irish Teen Boy Content
  13. JesusX – Top 1% Male Only Fans Creator
  14. Jason Genesis – Athletic OnlyFans Male with Thicc Ass
  15. Joven Twink – Hard Sex and Hot Threesome Male OnlyFans
  16. Mr. Deep Voice – Deep Voiced British Exhibitionist
  17. Rico Marlon – Thick Cock International Model
  18. Jason Sarcinelli – Solo and B/G OnlyFans
  19. Straight Bro Next Door – Straight, Bi, and Gay OnlyFans Male Content
  20. FoxxyTommy – Bi-Curious Open Minded Male Only Fans Fox

Best Male OnlyFans and Top Male OnlyFans in 2023

#1. imfamousr6 – Biker Bad Boy Male OnlyFans


Likes – 3,600

Price – $11.99 per month

Media – 20 photos and videos




Are you ready to immerse yourself in the hottest content available on the internet? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Infamousr6 has all kinds of hot and spicy videos. Some of them might be overly NSFW, but most will definitely give your firey passions a boost. From motorcycle videos, to masturbation videos, to solo play, there’s something for everyone on this channel. So why not join us and immerse yourself in the fiery love?


#2. Clifford Packer – Canadian Exhibionist OnlyFans Guys


Likes – 36,000

Price – $12.99 per month

Media – 1268 photos and videos




Clifford Packer is a Canadian exhibitionist who has an 8.5 inch dick and has videos that revolve around POV roleplay. His sexual escapades are some of the most explicit and captivating on the internet, with scenes featuring him masturbating, having sex, and even having group sex with other men. 

His videos are shot in high-quality, close-up angles that make his penis look massive and intimidating.


#3. Alfie North – UK King Male Only Fans


Likes – 77,200

Price – $12.50 per month

Media – 668 photos and videos




Are you looking for a good, reliable source of porn? Well, look no further! Alfie North is the king of UK porn, and his videos are guaranteed to give you all the hardcore sex and eye-popping blowjobs you could ever want.

 His videos feature POV scenarios where he plays the part of a dominant man in a woman’s life. These scenarios range from BDSM to foot fetishism, and they’re always filled with action and drama.


#4. Zoro – Zoro’s Hub OnlyFans Males


Likes – 116,000

Price – $9.99 per month

Media – 264 photos and videos







Welcome to the world of Zoro, an African American content creator who has a hot muscly body and has videos that revolve around sexual fun with his friends. His videos are great if you’re looking for cum shots and blowjobs, as he brings an entertaining and educational perspective to sex and relationships.

Zoro’s videos are full of laughs and good-natured ribbing, which helps to ease tensions and bring people together. Whether it’s a group of guys having fun with lube or a couple trying out new positions, Zoro’s videos give you a peek into the intimate lives of others. And trust us, it’s pretty hot.


#5.Hercules – The Demi Gawd Guys OnlyFans


Likes – 142,300

Price – $10 per month

Media – 426





Oh my goodness. Have you ever had the pleasure of stumbling upon a video on OnlyFans by a hot and handsome African-American content creator who has a sexy and muscular build, an infectious smile, and is downright magnetic with his charming personality?

If so, you’ve undoubtedly fallen in love with Hercules’ videos. This guy is all kinds of delicious, with his unique blend of drama, comedy, and sexual innuendo. His videos are like a spicy mix of Game of Thrones and porn – only better because it’s all coming from an authentic source! So give yourself a taste of the good life by checking out this hot new channel full of sexually-charged content. Trust me – you won’t be disappointed!


#6. Jay D – Aka Jerk Joe Guys on OnlyFans


Likes – 235,000

Price – FREE

Media – 1,865





Jerk Joe is a popular white twink content creator who has a hot and skinny body and has videos that revolve around sexual fun with his friends. His videos focus on solo play and masturbation, and there are lots of videos of him dildoing his ass. With his smooth skin, lean build, and charming personality, Jerk Joe is a fine example of the type of guy you’d find in any hetero-normative bro culture fantasy. But don’t let that fool you – this guy is no milquetoast. 

In fact, he’s one of the most aggressive sexual advocates out there, pushing boundaries with his bold content creation style. He’s not afraid to talk about sex or touch on taboo topics like anal sex or kinky fetishes. And he does all this without any hint of shame or reservation; in fact, he seems quite proud of it! If you’re looking for something extra edgy to spice up your sex life (or just want to watch some pleasurable jerk off material), Jerk Joe is definitely worth checking out.


#7. XLDoubleSausage – Double Sausage Top Male OnlyFans


Likes – 83,400

Price – $12 per month

Media – 3,499




You’ve probably seen a few of XLDoublesausage’s videos on OnlyFans. You may not know it, but the guy is an internet celebrity. He has thousands of subscribers and produces high-quality content. His videos feature everything from solo play to group sex and everything in between.

But what makes XLDoublesausage stand out from other porn stars is his approach to sexual expression. He doesn’t just shoot one type of video and post it online – he creates content that is directed toward his audience’s individual desires and needs. The result is a diverse library of videos that cater to different tastes and interests.


#8. RippeShow – Twink with a Dink Best Male OnlyFans


Likes – 139,000

Price – FREE

Media – 245






RippeShow is an OnlyFans creator who has been making noise in the online entertainment industry. With his unique style of daily messaging, sexy content and hot body, he has become a sensation on the platform. His hornyness running 24/7 of the day allows him to interact with his fans in real-time and provide them with fresh content every day. 

RippeShow is one of the most popular OnlyFans creators and has gained a huge following due to his engaging content and attractive looks. 


#9. Effort – Free Top Male OnlyFans


Likes – 129,000

Price – FREE

Media – 426




Carlos Effort is a male OnlyFans creator who has gained attention for his unique approach to content creation. His content is focused on 1:1 daily messaging and he has become one of the top free males OnlyFans models. He is known for his great body, chiseled abs and hunk-like appearance.


#10. Cassidy – That Guy OnlyFans Male


Likes – 87,000

Price – FREE

Media – 204 photos and videos




Last up on our list is Cassidy. Cassidy has become one of the top tier creators on the platform and is known for his best content, hottest body, and great hair. 

Girls go crazy for his solo play videos, which have made him a sensation among OnlyFans fans. If you are looking for an overall best on this list, you have finally made it.


#11. The King of Only Fans – XXX Sextapes, Nudes and Orgies


  • 900+ likes
  • $50 per month
  • B/G content
  • Threesomes and Orgies
  • XXX sextapes

When you find a link to internet royalty, you put them first on the list. The King of OnlyFans is a man who knows how to fuck a lady. Or two. Or even three. His content is B/G, with threesomes and orgies that are guaranteed to make you sweat.

When you subscribe to the King of OnlyFans, you get instant access to a ton of full-length XXX videos. As one of the best OnlyFans guys, we know he will deliver on his promise to post daily pics and vids on his will with a bunch of nudes, solo videos, and XXX sex tapes with different women. Enjoy the VIP experience with this super cut and heavily tattooed content creator.


#12. That Nice Moustache Man – Naughty 18+ Teen Male OnlyFans


  • 1.8K+ media files
  • $9.99 per month
  • 18+ Irish Boy
  • Full access with subscription

At only $9.99 you get everything That Nice Mustache Man posts. This youthful over-18 Irish boy has over 1.8K pics and videos to look at that include some very naughty content indeed. Watch him go hard with intensely adult content that will get you hot and horny. New content is posted nearly every day, keeping subscribers of this lovely boy toy coming back. For an idea of what you have in store as a fan, check out his Amazon wishlist, which is filled with butt plugs, a turbo Fleshlight, and cute undies for his tight little ass.


#13. JesusX – Fetishes and Exclusive OnlyFans Male Content


  • 460+ posts
  • $9.99 per month
  • 1 on 1 chats
  • Fun games

Next in our list of men on OnlyFans is JesusX. Jesus is a Spanish boy who looks like he was chiseled from stone, with rippling abs, a strong jawline, and a gorgeous face. He is in the top 1% of all creators, and has 40.7K+ likes. The opposite of boring, when you join Jesus’ page, you can expect content that includes fun and sexy times with over 60 of his friends. Everybody gets fully naked, with all the real sex, blowjobs, penetration, and fetish content you can handle.

Jesus is a creator who takes his job seriously. He posts 5 new posts every week along with daily DM updates and fun private chat video surprises. His pics and vids are filled with exclusive explicit content that you will not find anywhere else online. If you turn on the renew function, you get paid videos for free every month. Jesus answers all messages, so chat one-on-one with the man himself. Follow him now to see what he will post next.


#14. Jason Genesis – Top Muscular Guys on OnlyFans


  • 2.7K+ likes
  • $9.99 per month
  • Sex toys
  • Ass play

When you browse guys on OnlyFans, you want to see big cocks, and Jason Genesis delivers. His member is eight inches long. Along with his thicc ass, he has a muscular physique that could completely overpower you if he wanted to.

Worship this muscular man with tips and purchases and he will definitely notice you. Subscribe now and you get 99% of his content immediately, with almost nothing posted as pay per view content. That means 2.1K nude, sexy, and straight-up raunchy photos and over 400 HD videos delivered directly to you for just $9.99 a month. Daily posts include roleplaying, public play, ass play, sex toys, huge cum shots, and steamy sex talk that will make you cum faster than you have ever cum before. Join now and see why Jason has one of the top Male Only Fans accounts.


#15. Joven Twink – Top 0.75% of Guys on OnlyFans


  • 60.8K+ likes
  • 1.2K+ media posts
  • $9.99 per month
  • Hard sex
  • Threesomes

As his name implies, Joven Twink is a young and slender OnlyFans male content creator. He is in the top 0.75% of all OnlyFans (guys and girls) and has over sixty thousand likes, not a surprise as this hot little thing lets his subscribers in on his sex life as a curious straight guy who is trying new things including hard sex videos, threesome porn, and collabs with other popular OF stars you may know, and plenty of images and videos of cumshots hitting his face, ass, and abdomen. Subscribers may get lucky and receive a fun surprise DM because this virile and youthful looking Male Only Fans creator gets horny and wants to talk to his fans about…adult topics. Send him a big fat tip to get put on the top of the favorites list.


#16. Mr. Deep Voice – Hot Gay Collabs with Only Fans Guys


  • 181+K likes
  • 1200+ media files
  • $10 per month
  • Power vers content
  • Sexy deep voice

If you like your men with a muscular ass, a big fat cock and nice muscles, you are in the right place. Mr. Deep Voice is a British bulldozer of a man from London, England. Along with good looks, he has a sexy sense of humor, and, of course, a wildly sexy deep voice with an English accent that is known to get everybody hard when they hear it. Mr. Deep Voice is in our top ten list of men on OnlyFans because he is hot, he is exciting, and he is a power vers, posting cock sucking vids, gay fucking porn videos and pics, and collaborations with other Only Fans guys you may know like Michael Boston, Joey Diamond, Cody Seiya, and Cade Maddox, and many others he meets along the way in his international travels. The self-proclaimed “Admiral of Ass” rewards renewals with extra spicy gifts, and he always wants to hear requests for content from his fans. Who knows, speak up and you just might be able to view your fantasy played out in front of you in his next video.


#17. Rico Marlon – Obscene and Interactive Male OnlyFans


  • 1.1K posts
  • $12 per month
  • Daily new content
  • Customs available

Rico Marlon is next on our list of the best OnlyFans men for many reasons. His perfect face, his hard body, his obscene content, his 22cm (8.6-inch) thick cock, and his glamorous modeling career make this Brazilian babe a very interesting follow indeed. When you subscribe for only $12 per month, you can watch him jack his impressive dick in masturbation videos, fantasize about what that body and mouth do in his hot pictures, and see him deepthroating and gagging on cock. His daily content is NSFW and hot as hell, but if you want even more from Rico just ask! He does customized content in his DMs, and sends sexy gifts to his most active subscribers. Chats are interactive, or you can meet him one on one in a video call. Rico loves his fans, and if you follow his page today you will have the chance to get to know this real Brazilian/New York/European model.


#18. Jason Sarcinelli – Hot Las Vegas Male Only Fans


  • 2.6K media files
  • $14.99 per month
  • Fetish friendly
  • Themed and custom videos

If you are searching for a male Only Fans model with a heart of gold, Jason Sarcinelli is the male OnlyFans performer for you. Along with being super hot and offering health and fitness advice, he is working to set up animal rescues and spend time with his dogs. (Aaw) This hard bodied heartthrob is open for customs, live chats, personal video messages, foot fetish content, and even bachelorette parties. His posts are filled with solo pics and vids, where you can watch him stroke his big cock, and he is looking to collaborate with OnlyFans women for B/G videos and pics too. Jason doesn’t charge for direct messaging, meaning you can chat with him one on one when you subscribe for free, so you should definitely send this OnlyFans male performer a good tip for all he is doing for you.


#19. Straight Bro Next Door – Adventurous Straight Bro Porn


  • 1K+ media files
  • $19.99 per month
  • Straight, bi, and gay content
  • No PPVs

With zero pay per view content and a whole lot of varied and fun porno to watch, it is no wonder why Straight Bro Next Door is one of our top OnlyFans guys. He is the same Adam you may know from Adam and Alanna on TikTok, an account with 1.9 million followers and 9.3 million views. Adam’s username is a bit of a lie, to tell you the truth, as his pics and vids are filled with B/G, threesomes, orgies, gay content, and solo fun. He pretty much does it all. His page is totally worth a follow, even at the price of $19.99 per month, because you get everything on your feed without special content hidden behind paywalls. He also answers all of his messages and truly wants to connect. Become a “straight bro” fan today to see this straight man experiment, explore, and play with all kinds of friends and play things.


#20. FoxxyTommy – Dick Rating, Fetish-Friendly Daddy


  • 2.6K media files
  • $14.99 per month
  • Bi-curious sex tapes
  • Customs available

Watch as Tommy pushes his own boundaries and learns more about what he likes as a bi-curious UK man. He is always trying something new, like spit play, foot fetish, solo content, ass play, B/B and B/G sex tapes, and 18+ live streams. His page is super interactive, as he is into making custom videos that are themed or filled with your personal requests. You can purchase his worn underwear, get your dick rated, and he is always open to taking other custom requests. If you send a pic or vid, make sure you include a tip. It is a minimum of $5 per pic, and $10 per video.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Guys on OnlyFans

Are Guys Also on OnlyFans?

Yes, there are thousands of men on OnlyFans doing what they do best. OnlyFans is one of the most visited websites in the world right now, and the market for guys on OnlyFans is huge. There are men on OnlyFans who are fucking women, fucking men, having threesomes, having sweet vanilla sex, enjoying hardcore BDSM, playing with toys, doing anal, cosplaying, and even posting workout videos in the nude. Many male OnlyFans performers get together and collaborate with other well-known men on OnlyFans as well, so you get a fun cross-over experience. Whether you like bulky muscles, soft and hairy bears, or smooth, oiled up 18-year-old boys, you will find something to fulfill your fantasies on OnlyFans.

What is the Average Income for OnlyFans?

It might be surprising to learn that the average income for male Only Fans is only about $180 a month. Contrary to popular belief, not everybody who creates an OF account can simply become instantly rich, even if they have a hot body and a nice smile. Many people think that by simply posting some cute underwear pics the money will just roll in. The truth is that it takes a lot of work to create a men OnlyFans account that is good enough to inspire people to subscribe.

Don’t let yourself become discouraged by the low average if you are considering making your own page, as it includes people who have zero fans. If you try hard, put in the work, interact with your fans, make high-quality content, and make sure to market yourself, you have a much better chance at earning a higher income.

Why Do So Many Guys Pay for OnlyFans?

Of course, everybody is different, but the main reason that so many guys will pay to see and interact with OnlyFans men is because there is a chance to make a true connection with others. Unlike anonymous porn sites, OnlyFans is special, and every subscriber has the ability to find niche content that speaks to them, and then connect, one-on-one, with real models, adult entertainers, and porn stars. OnlyFans allows messaging and DMs, a girlfriend experience, and you can often ask for customized videos in which your favorite creators can film or photograph themselves doing exactly what you want them to. This is perfect for anybody who wants the chance to interact with people they find attractive, and for those who are feeling lonely, they have the chance to feel a true connection.

Another reason why people will subscribe to individual OnlyFans men is because they will then have the first dibs on brand new exclusive content. Many OnlyFans creators will save their very best work, like dirty pictures and slutty sex tapes for their pay per view OF page. That way, they know that their best and most loyal fans are getting first access, and they get to make a bit of extra money at the same time.

How to Make Money on OnlyFans as a Guy?

There are many ways for OnlyFans guys to make a lot of money. When you first create your account, you want to consider your audience and what you do (and do not) want to post about.  The more work you put into your account, the more earning potential you will have. There is a noticeable difference for your fans when you are engaged and posting regularly, and they will be much more likely to hit rebill or pay for several months in advance. Along with subscription payments, people earn extra cash by putting up pay per view content, charging for messages, setting up a tip menu, and charging for tickets to sexy livestreams.

It is important to promote your site. The most popular OnlyFans men are posting on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit to get more eyes on their goods. You have to be careful with your accounts on other social media sites, because their terms of use all differ. Most don’t allow nudity or implied sexual conduct, for example, but if you post little teasers of what your full page has to offer, you will be able to get a whole lot more fans to subscribe.

Can a Guy Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

Yes, it is definitely possible for Only Fans guys to make money without showing their face. If you want to remain anonymous while posting on OnlyFans, you can always angle the camera down and away from your face or blur yourself out in editing. You could also cover your face with a mask or scarf. Make sure you do not have distinguishable tattoos showing in your pics and vids, and that there is no other identifiable information that people will see in the background. The only problem is that it will limit you in the kind of content that many Only Fans men post, like blowjobs and facials. For some, that may be a deal breaker, but there will be many other subscribers out there who just want to look at your body and don’t need to see your face to bust a nut.

Who Is the Highest Earning Male on OnlyFans?

The highest earning male on OnlyFans was Tyga, a hip-hop artist and TV personality. After a leaked image went viral online, he decided to take control and made over 7.6 million dollars in just a few short years. Tyga has recently deleted his account, so the title of highest earning men on OnlyFans is up for grabs. Safaree Samuels, the former partner of Nikki Minaj and a hip-hop artist, made $1.91M in a month. Another hip-hop artist, Casanova, is another top earner, making over a million dollars a month.



As you can see, finding OnlyFans guys online who turn you on is as simple as clicking a link on this page. There is something for everybody. Each of the men we have featured here work hard to tailor their content to their fans’ desires, with straight porn, gay videos, threesomes, foursomes, and orgies filled with sweet and spicy twinks and masculine muscle men just waiting for you to watch. Plunge yourself into the red-hot content available and let them satisfy your deepest desires. 


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