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Are High-Dose CBD Gummies More Effective Than Low-Dose CBD Gummies?


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There’s a new CBD gummy everyone’s excited about – high potency CBD gummies. They bring all those tasty CBD benefits, only are more concentrated for even greater gummy perks. This is great news for CBD gummy lovers who have made gummies a part of their more well-balanced life.

What you love about CBD gummies – the calm, the relaxation, the balanced concentration, the ease of discomforts, and oh yes, those dreamy nights of sleep – is now made even better! 

CBD gummies put the fun in CBD. And these new more potent ones are great news for everyone who loves CBD. They’re stronger, yet still delicious. They’re more concentrated, yet still gentle on your system. And they’re still the tastiest thing to hit healthy living since, well…we can’t think of anything. Because these tasty treats can’t be beat! 

At least, that’s what we thought – until (drumroll!) – we improved them. Now, don’t knock the plethora of CBD gummy options available because there’s a little something there for everyone – from beginners to athletes to Grandma – but now we have something a little stronger for those who need it. 

Higher-Potency CBD Gummies – What Are They?

We’ve been providing CBD gummies in a variety of concentrations and flavors and they’re one of our most popular options for CBD. Maybe it’s because they deliver CBD and other cannabinoids when you need them, how you need them (quick!) and in flavors that are simply irresistible? 

Perhaps it’s because they’re social-media friendly and cool? All we know is people love them as is. But anything can be made better, right? Your health and wellness journey is something you always seek to improve, even in small ways, each day. So, here’s one way to level up your CBD regimen, one gummy at a time.

It’s not super complicated. These new higher potency Delta 9 THC gummies have the same great cannabinoids in delicious gummy form, only better. The tiny molecules are more concentrated, more pure than ever, and in stronger formulas so you know you’re getting the most out of your CBD gummy each and every time.

Which Is More Effective? High-Dose or Low-Dose CBD Gummies?

Depending on your level of need, low-dose CBD gummies may work perfectly fine for you and be exactly what you need. If your need is higher, however, they may seem to be less effective for you. This is when a higher dose CBD gummy may be more effective.

Higher potency is great for those who:

  • Have higher metabolisms
  • Have very active lifestyles
  • Have high levels of stress
  • Are really resistant to sleep
  • Or who have frequent daily aches and discomfort

How cbdMD Raised the Bar for CBD Gummies

Our understanding of CBD, of hemp and all its components, those flavorful terpenes and highly useful cannabinoids, is ever changing. As science finds out more and more to explain how it all works with our own body’s biology, we can target the components in hemp that deliver the most benefits to the human body and mind – and then find ways to combine them, extract them with improved efficiency, and yes, make them even more concentrated.

We’ve evolved in how we make CBD so you can improve how you take CBD. Gummies make it easy – pop one or two gummies, chew, and enjoy. And with higher concentrations, your bottle of gummies might just go a little further. 

These higher concentrated forms of CBD mean that there’s more CBD power packed into each gummy. And more CBD power means more CBD benefits. With higher concentrations you can make sure each little CBD gummy gives you all it can. You work hard, and your CBD gummies should too!


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