Animal Collective mush-peddler Panda Bear is one of indie rock’s more unlikely heroes, his sui generis sound rocketing from “critically acclaimed solo thing” in 2007 to “pivotal in the D.I.Y universe” by 2009, securing a legend at the speed of a dorm’s DSL connection. The nostalgic, woozy, murky, insularly joyful sound of current Internet obsession “chillwave” owes everything to Panda’s Person Pitch, an album that magically layered samples, intricate harmonies, and Nautica-inspired insecurity in a hazy, gorgeous smear—so, uh, what better place to get all bittersweet, misty-eyed, chillaxed, and Beach Boys–y than at the damn beach itself? The Beach at Governors Island should provide ample vibes, even to those who don’t take vibes seriously. Opening are two bands who owe a little to Panda’s melancholy murk: Chill-to-the-core VHS house duo Teengirl Fantasy turn retrofuture woosh into insular house music, and Portugal’s Gala Drop find wondrous percussion percolating under mystic blankets. With a DJ set from Panda’s AC bandmate Avey Tare.

Sat., Sept. 11, 8 p.m., 2010