Brower Boys Street Gang “Taken Down” Thanks To Facebook And Stupid (Alleged) Criminals


Here’s a tip for any potential criminals out there: don’t bicker about the proceeds of robberies you’ve committed on Facebook. Believe it or not, cops also have access to Facebook, and monitor it for dopes dumb enough to announce to the world that they’re criminals.

That said, more than a dozen members of the “Brower Boys,” a Crown Heights street gang, actually were dumb enough to turn to Facebook to argue about the proceeds of robberies they’d committed — and now they’re in some pretty deep shit.

Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes and New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly today announced a 102-count indictment against 14 members of the gang for several burglaries, assaults and robberies that occurred near Brower Park over the past year.

“These Brower Bums terrorized their neighborhood for one long year, but now their cycle of crime is over,” Hynes says.

Kelly says the gang, which has members as young as 13, had gangsters arguing over the proceeds of robberies on Facebook, which captured the attention of authorities in the 77th precinct, who sat back and watched as the dopey gangsters basically confessed to committing multiple felonies.

According to authorities, the gangsters would climb fire escapes and traverse rooftops to break into Crown Heights homes during a nearly year-long burglary spree that ended in March. Typically, the alleged crooks would take electronics, like cell phones, computers, and video games, and then pawn the items for cash.

During most of the burglaries, the residents weren’t home. However, during one of the break-ins, four of the gangsters — Derrin Dyson, 18; Dezhaun Samuels, 18; Christopher Scott, 17; and a 13-year-old juvenile — tied up a man and woman who lived in the apartment and threatened to kill them if they called police. According to the indictment, the thugs then robbed the apartment and sexually assaulted the female victim.

In another break-in, 18-year-old gangster Terry Walley shot a resident of a home he was burglarizing. He also accidentally shot himself during a struggle with the victim.

In addition to being a roving pack of teenage street thugs, the Brower Boys also consider themselves rappers.