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“I’ve always thought long hair was boring,” says Michael Demarco, whose CROPS FOR GIRLS salon offers exactly what its name states. A veteran with two decades of experience, Demarco prefers to do what he calls “dramatic, real haircuts”—so much so that he’s been documenting his more extreme before-and-afters with color snapshots since 1992. First-timers may flip through photo albums and hit his website to assess the stylist’s expertise with a punky buzz or the classic bob. But be warned: He simply won’t do cuts longer than chin length. Is this some personal obsession, or merely the handiwork of one who kindheartedly steps in where others falter? “I do get a lot of girls with these really bad short haircuts, and I have to fix them,” admits Demarco.

154 Orchard Street, 212-677-2772, $35

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