Cops Go to Question Westchester Women-Slasher About Cold Case Murders; Find Woman’s Body


What are the odds that when detectives go to question a parolee about two cold case murders they find another body in his house? In the case of Westchester killer Lucius Crawford — who has already served prison time for stabbing six women — the odds were apparently pretty good, because that’s exactly what happened.

Crawford was paroled from Sing Sing Prison in 2008, where he served 13 years for the attempted murder of a Yonkers woman. Recently, he has been linked to the murders of two other women — a prostitute in the Bronx in 1993 and another woman in Yonkers in 1994.

Yesterday, cold case detectives went to Crawford’s Mount Vernon home to question him about the 1993 and 1994 murders. That’s when they found a woman’s lifeless body in a bed. Surprise, surprise, she’d been stabbed eight times.

Crawford was taken into custody and confessed to the woman’s murder, as well as the 1993 and 1994 murders.

Crawford has been in and out of prison for various woman stabbings dating back to 1973, when he was accused of stabbing five women in Charleston, South Carolina. He pleaded guilty to two of the stabbings and was sentenced to six years in prison.

After about three years, Crawford was paroled — and that’s when he went on another stabbing spree.

Just six months after his parole, Crawford was accused of stabbing four more women over a five-day period. He pleaded guilty to each stabbing and was sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Again, however, Crawford was released from prison early, and it was following that stint as a guest of the state that he allegedly murdered two women.

When asked about his lady troubles at a 2006 parole hearing, Crawford reportedly told the parole board: “We just can’t get along. Something always goes wrong.”

Perhaps in the future Crawford should try flowers as opposed to, you know, stabbing them.