Top Daddy-OnlyFans Accounts 2023


We like big dicks, and we cannot lie: I think we need to be punished by daddy. And we’re not stopping at considerable cocks; we also like smooth talkers, muscle bubble butts, and cut creases to die for. Innocent submissives bow down to some of the leanest, meanest daddy OnlyFans. If you’re looking for a real man who will take care of you when you’re good and give you a hard spanking when you’re bad, we found a top daddy OnlyFans for you (or is he a bottom?). 

From silver foxes set upon making you moan to rock-hard muscleheads eager to force the cum right out of you, the best daddy OnlyFans is just a click away. Once you check out our list of the best OnlyFans daddies, you’ll be on your knees begging for more, daddy, more! 

Best Daddy OnlyFans: Featured This Month

Best Daddy OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

Best 10 Daddy OnlyFans

#1. Daddy Damon Harriest Daddy


  • Over 18K likes
  • More than 1K posts
  • More than 1.2K photos and videos


Where to Follow:


About Daddy Damon:

You’ll find Daddy Damon sipping coffee in Chicago before he gets to work edging and milking his boys. If you’re a boy looking to be bred, Daddy Damon is the best daddy OnlyFans for you. This hairy Houdini will work his magic on you in fun and friendly ways if you ask nicely. 

Daddy Damon is a world traveler who loves hiking, so be prepared to last all day with him. When he’s not busy clinging to his cock, he feeds his hunger and yours by cooking up first-class meals. Daddy Damon always cums on time thanks to his extensive collection of watches. 

#2. Not Natty Daddy – Best Cockhead


  • Over 73K likes
  • 1.1K videos and counting
  • Nearly 1500 posts


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About Not Natty Daddy:

Get your daily dose of vitamin D when you choose Not Natty Daddy, AKA Swolverine, to be your daddy for a day. This self-proclaimed “Muscle King” and “meat tornado” claims to have the “best cockhead on the internet,” but you’ll have to decide that for yourself. 

Not Natty Daddy is an alpha dom for the ladies whose specialty is jerking and cumming anywhere from the office to a parking lot. Hands-on or hands-off, he’ll show you how to blow a proper load. He’s got muscles for days and doesn’t shy away from good role-play, so get ready to be his sexy student or step-daughter. And if you’re in it for more than just the sex and semen, Not Natty Daddy offers a workout program, so you can sweat together in and out of the gym. 

#3. Blonde Boi – Super Daddy


  • Over 106K likes
  • Nearly 1K posts
  • 1.1K photos


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About Blonde Boi:

Blonde Boi is your classic superhero in disguise: By day he wears scrubs in the ICU, but by night he turns into a bi cumshot. This Spiderman is ready to shoot his cum webs all over you. Canadians are known for their hospitality, and this alpha daddy only fans is ready and willing to take care of all your needs. 

He’s a dirty blond, and he’ll show you how to play nicely alone or with friends anytime you ask. From cumshots to fetish play and fingering, he’s a giver through and through. This sweet daddy has the body of a swimmer and the stamina to make you scream for help hour after hour.

#4. Dickie James – Daddy on the Go


  • Nearly 900 posts
  • Over 37K likes
  • More than 1K photos and videos


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About Dickie James:

Forget bangers and mash, if you’re heading to England, your first taste should be of Dickie James. This versatile muscle daddy OnlyFans is covered in tattoos and brings the Kenergy, hard. He’s open to orgies, and he prefers to film every slutty second of his hot, sweaty semenfests. 

But don’t let the debauchery and tatted bod fool you, Dickie has a passion for home decor that’s upscale and classy. His collections of candles, cologne, sunglasses, and watches are unmatched. Dickie James is every bit the James Bond-esque world traveler who can never have enough bags to fill and prefers his whiskey neat, not over ice. 


#5. Mass Daddy Joe – The White Boy Daddy Next Door


  • $9.69/mo. subscription
  • No pay-to-unlock videos/photos
  • Over 38K likes


Where to Follow:


About Mass Daddy Joe:

This Massachusetts white boy next door is no masshole, but he’ll show you his even if you don’t show him yours. This fitness buff keeps his body toned and defined but not sculpted and shredded. His hair is always trimmed up nice from his stash and beard to his chest. Since he lays out in the sun to tan every chance he gets, Mass Daddy Joe has the beach bum look without a beach in sight. When he’s not showing off his member, he spends a lot of time with family members at their shore house.

Mass Daddy Joe doesn’t do custom content, so you’ll have to make do with what he’s offering like any good kid would. But you can buy a pair of his underwear worn during a workout, so you’ll always have a piece of him with you. 

#6. Muscle Daddy – Cuntry Daddy


  • Nearly 50K likes
  • Over 1K photos
  • Only $10/mo. subscription


Where to Follow:


About Muscle Daddy:


Take a trip to Steel City, Mike Steel City that is, with this daddy also known by the name Muscle Daddy. Like a tried and true Pennsylvania country boy, this hunk of meat collects knives, swords, and guns — and he’s not shy about a little swordplay with other cocks, either. His favorite articles of clothing are jock straps and sleeveless plaid shorts, but he prefers to be naked as much as possible. This fitness guy lives in running shorts and loves taking his pup on hikes. 

Muscle Daddy will be your daddy whether you’re into solo play, passionate male/female sex, gay play, or even bi fun. Let him know what you’re on the hunt for, and he’ll surely shoot his shot. 


#7. Daddy Mike – Most Dapper Daddy


  • Free page available
  • Over 75K likes
  • 1K photos and videos

Where to Follow:


About Daddy Mike:

Not every alluring guy out of Germany is a dick, and Daddy Mike is out to prove that. This nice guy next door is a gentleman daddy — most of the time. He’ll treat you well and make you feel special, then he’ll pound you. He’s bald and slim, but he looks great in a suit (especially his birthday suit). 

When Daddy Mike is taking care of you, you can expect full-length movies, kinks, and collabs with twinks. This producer knows how to give you the Hollywood treatment. 


#8. Timothy Chance – Daddy Bear


  • Over 22K likes
  • Only $10.99/mo. subscription
  • More than 1.4K photos and videos


Where to Follow:


About Timothy Chance:

Take your chance with Timothy Chance. This versatile muscle daddy especially loves hairy bears. But even if you’re a hairless cat, Timothy is ready to take care of you in every way. From fitness to fitting his whole member in someone, he’s all about that fit. 


When Timothy isn’t busy banging boys, he runs around in muscle shirts and running shorts. He keeps his bod sculpted, but he’s got a weakness for Oreos. You could say he’s never satisfied when it comes to cream, and he lives for a satisfying sandwich.

#9. Daddy – Naked Dancing Daddy


  • 700 photos and videos
  • Nearly 500 posts
  • More than 52K likes


Where to Follow:


About Daddy:

This daddy is just for the ladies: PapiNasty AKA Chris the Great AKA Daddy is a straight male giving off spicy Latino stares. He won’t be your daddy, but he’ll be your papi for sure. This papi has dark, curly hair and lives for gray sweatpants season. 

Daddy’s got the moves and shows them off in Naked TikTok dances or at music festivals where he’ll have you feeling all the feels. On the daily, he’ll run, tan, then sweat it out in the sauna. And, if you’re lucky, he just might send you one of his baseball caps to wear. 

#10. Comfy Daddy –  Asian Daddy


  • Over 26K likes
  • Over 500 photos and videos
  • $9.99/mo. subscription


Where to Follow:


About Comfy Daddy:


This sensual storyteller is saving up to buy a house, and you can help by letting him take care of you for a bit. Comfy Daddy is a pan/bi Asian Aussie who will always make you feel comfortable whether in DMs or in your dreams. He’s got just enough muscle for a soft teddy bear hug or a tantalizing tug. 

His nose ring, tattoos, and painted nails give off a tough exterior, but this thoughtful sweetheart is all about sharing the love. He’s the comfort you need to get through a tough day or to explore that position you were too afraid to try in real life. He might even treat you like his favorite Pokemon and take a Pikachu in return!

Best Main KW FAQs

What is a daddy on OnlyFans?

Just like a dad in real life, daddy OnlyFans accounts are guys waiting to take care of you but also put you in your place — when you’re ready. They’ll send texts or DMs to check up on you and say “Have a great day.” They’ll send you goodnight messages that’ll have you screaming “More, daddy!” 

Some daddy only fans are straight, but others are gay, bi, and even pansexual. No matter who you are, a daddy will care for you in every way you can imagine. And if you need a good spanking, his hand is all yours. 

What types of OnlyFans daddies are there?

Just like there are all different kinds of people and relationships, there are different kinds of top daddy OnlyFans. Some daddies are sweet, thoughtful gentlemen ready to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Others are muscle daddy OnlyFans ready to dominate our life. There are silver foxes, young and assertive studs, and everything in between 

When looking for your ideal daddy, be clear about what you want. Is it all about sex? Is it about finding a sugar daddy? Is it about feeling like there’s a strong man looking out for you? No matter what you want from your daddy, when you know exactly what you want, it’s much easier to find. Look for #daddy to search through all the available daddies and find your perfect match. 

Which of the best daddy-OnlyFans shouldn’t be missed?

We’ve listed out the best daddy OnlyFans we could find above. We don’t think any of them should be missed, but here are the best of the best. In terms of just physique, Not Natty Daddy, Dickie James, and Daddy are in rare form. When it’s more about the kindness and care, Mass Daddy Joe, Daddy Mike, and Comfy Daddy are the guys who will treat you like a queen. 

Is a daddy only fans an actual father?

Some of the daddies you find on OnlyFans are actual fathers in real life, but most aren’t going into detail about their personal lives with you. Understandably, these guys want to keep their personal and professional lives separate for safety reasons. 

If you’re specifically looking for a real dad to be your virtual daddy, you can find some on OnlyFans. There are even father/son duos working together to provide content and experiences that fulfill your fantasies. There are also plenty of men willing to role-play scenarios like a step-father/step-daughter relationship that goes beyond what’s typically considered appropriate. 

Does a daddy make as much money as a woman on OnlyFans? 

Believe it or not, men actually only make up about 30% of OnlyFans accounts. So, it should come as no surprise that women make about 78% more than men on this platform. Only about 25% of the top 10% of earners on OnlyFans identify as males. This is a huge deviation from mainstream jobs, so daddies might not be as inclined to create accounts. 

However, the amount of money an individual daddy makes really depends on how good his content and marketing skills are. Like other OnlyFans content creators, the best daddies stand to make upwards of tens of thousands of dollars in a month. 

You can help your favorite daddy up his earnings by giving him tips, fulfilling his Amazon wishlist, and renewing your subscription long after your initial needs were met. 


Best Daddy-OnlyFans in Conclusion

Do you need a new daddy? Look no further than the top daddy OnlyFans we’ve curated into this list just for you. And we’re not talking about sugar daddies looking for sugar babies or men looking to adopt lost innocents here. These daddies are all about fun fantasy fulfillment after they’ve made you feel good emotionally, of course. 

With every type of daddy at your disposal, you can find a sweet gentleman to say good morning and goodnight every day, without fail. The best daddy OnlyFans take into account your specific likes and dislikes to deliver dangerous DMs daily. 

If you’re a naughty girl looking for a daddy to punish you, muscle daddy OnlyFans are on deck to whip you into shape. He’ll show you what punishment really looks like and leave you moaning for more. So, who’s your daddy? We hope it’s one of the best daddy-OnlyFans of 2023 that we handpicked to please you. 

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