Escaping to the 2023 New York Comic Con

In a year that needs a break, the cosplayers came and were seen.


When even the Naked Cowboy, despite being an emphatic Trump supporter, recently called in to a WNYC talk radio show to decry the deleterious effects of climate change on his Times Square performances, for which he is clad only in his tighty whities (tighty righties?), you know the world is going to Hell in a jockstrap.

And if dressing up and switching personas is the ultimate form of escapism, well, considering the shape of the world right now, we can all use some serious cosplay.

And so they came, for yet another New York Comic Con, up the steep 7 train escalators — high-stepping superheroes, supervillains, psychos, warriors, zombies, gender benders and blenders, anime heartthrobs, and whatever fantasies one can get lost in — for a festive four-day weekend.

Photographer Greg Cohen took to the subways and streets to capture the ids on parade.

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