Eviction Was “the Final Straw” For ESB Shooter


Since Friday, New Yorkers have been caught up in the hysteria that happened outside of the Empire State Building – an encounter that left shooter Jeffrey Johnson and his boss dead while nine others lay wounded by bullets dispersed from two NYPD officers (the bureau confirmed this yesterday).

As with any shooting, especially one of this caliber in such a densely packed area, reporters are digging deep into Johnson’s past to find out what made him into a ticking time bomb. Turns out the Post has discovered what it was: his issued eviction this past year.

The statement transcends the common knowledge attributed to the shooter – he was a bird-watcher blogger in Central Park, his neighbors told reporters he was a loner and co-workers described him as a no-show to office events – but the eviction, according to the NYPD, is what made Johnson murderous on Friday. The notice topped off his unemployed morning routine, in which he would wake up, throw on a suit, grab some Mickey D’s and head home.
After four years on East 82nd Street, Johnson was no longer able to pay the rent for his Upper East Side apartment. So he turned to bloodshed to calm his financial woes.
The police source told the Post that “this was the final straw that pushed him over the edge. He was blaming the victim for being out of work, having no money and now having no apartment.”
Last year, Hazan Import laid off Johnson after he worked for the organization for six years as a women’s apparel designer. The business was not doing so swell and was forced to downsize to maintain some sort of profit. Unfortunately for Johnson, his position there was disposable income.
Johnson’s love for fashion was displayed in Johnson’s website, where he put up all his designs for t-shirts (they include Corvettes, boats, airplanes and other inanimate objects). Acquaintances of the man have told the police that the shooter had a deep passion for art; some believe this led to his isolationist lifestyle.
As the story continues to unravel, more details will come out on the intricacies of Johnson’s personality that led to the ESB shooting. The Voice will keep you updated.