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Fat Camp the Musical Weighs in! My Review


Fat Camp is a silly, exuberant musical that comes at you like an ice cream truck and doesn’t slow down.

The situations in the show could be from any campy camp comedy–the jealousies, romances, one-upmanships, self-image problems, and triumphs.

But the characters happen to be plus-size and are trying to be “losers”–some way more than others–as Camp Overton becomes a place where you can shed some inhibitions along with a pound or two, while singing and dancing up a storm.

I actually would have liked more focus on their physicality issues instead of the cartoonishly generic hijinks that go on a lot of the time, rendered with too much meandering music.

But the show is lively and often clever–one of the funniest songs is “Her Butt Is Totally Bigger Than Mine,” vamped out by the hilarious Carly Jibson and super Molly Hager–and the cast consists of of big-lunged belters who can also deliver laughs.

I had no idea there were so many talented fat people out there!

When they battle the snooty skinny cheerleader invaders, a valuable lesson is learned, but the brief trip into preachiness is a little bit jarring.

Fat Camp has already established itself as a thin (ouch) but spirited smile sandwich.