Grindr Awards For Gayest Cities, Beaches, And Marital Destinations


People on the gay sex app Grindr really know their stuff (even if they never quite learned the proper spelling of Grinder).

So the app polled them about the gayest places in the world, and they voted with one hand while doing God knows what with the other.

Here are the illustrious winners:

Gayest U.S. City: New York City

Gayest International City: London

Best Gay Beach U.S.: Miami

Best Gay Beach International: Rio de Janeiro

Best Gay Resort U.S.: Palm Springs, California

U.S. City With Best Gay Festivals: San Francisco

International City With Best Gay Festivals: Sydney

Hottest Grindr Guys U.S.: Los Angeles

Hottest Grindr Guys International: Tel Aviv

Best Destination to Get Married U.S.: Provincetown, Massachusetts

Best Destination to Get Married International: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Best Gay Pride Celebration: São Paulo, Brazil

Fab! Headed to Tel Aviv as we speak!