How News Agency Burj News Is Taking Over the Industry 


News, global updates, and current affairs have all become readily available online. What took hours or days can now be reported and presented to people in a matter of minutes. While there’s no denying that the internet and globalization have made news easy to access, many news platforms have also started to become biased in their reporting. This is where Burj News comes in, a news platform that is based on the ideology of staying neutral.

Started in 2022, Burj News has captivated audiences with its unique and unbiased reporting. The news platform was founded by Muhammad Iftikhar, the news outlet’s CEO. At first, Burj News made its debut in the UK, followed by Pakistan, where they currently have a head office. Finally, the news platform made its way to the US.

Besides covering news and giving neutral and unbiased opinions, Burj News also aims to cover events that are usually overlooked by most other platforms. Muhammad understood this deeply rooted issue in the news and journalism industry, where some events were given more coverage than others. This was one of the core reasons he decided to start Burj News.

At present, Burj News covers a great amount of content and areas, some of which include the news from America to Asia, business, culture, cricket, entertainment, lifestyle, national, opinion, politics, Pakistan, travel, tech, world news, and many others categories. Burj News also has a headline strip that runs across the top of its website, making it easier for readers to instantly be alerted of bulletins.

Burj News is also on social media. It has more than 108K followers on Instagram, which shows the news platform’s strong uphill growth. Burj News regularly posts entertainment, cricket, bulletins, and global news updates on its Instagram. The news platform has a healthy number of visitors, which is constantly growing through people sharing their news stories. Some of the most shared news articles on Burj News include articles shared more than 500 times.

Burj News is also active and present on Twitter, where the platform posts frequent updates and important news. Just as CEO Muhammad Iftikhar mentions, Burj News aims to provide neutral reporting, and it’s seen doing that on various platforms, including social media.

Besides Quetta, Pakistan, Burj News has another main office in High Street North in London.

Burj News also has a dedicated section for Urdu, where Pakistani readers can find news articles specifically in their language. Their blog section is also diverse, with culture, opinion, and lifestyle categories. News from around the world on a variety of topics can also be found on Burj News. This is because of Muhammad’s vision of the platform offering fair reporting while watching out for topics that don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

When talking about the future, Muhammad wants to continue growing Burj News and make sure that the basis of its foundation remains true to why it started. He also wants to push the boundaries and expand Burj News on a global scale. According to Muhammad, he wants to see Burj News transform into one of the top 10 news and media agencies in the world.

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