The Top 10 Japanese Onlyfans Accounts of 2023


There’s no denying that a lot of major western cultural phenomena have come out of Japan. From Pokémon to anime, and all the tentacle-laden hentai in between, Japan creates a fan out of everyone in one form or another. There’s no doubt that the porn industry in Japan is one of the most unique, and entertaining industries in the world, so we’ve brought you the top 10 Japanese Onlyfans accounts of 2023. 

These girls provide a wide range of salacious content, from kinky cosplay to alluring anime, and of course, all the hard core adult fun you expect from Onlyfans. Become a fan of Japanese culture by finding out what these girls do in the bedroom, or wherever else their horny minds decide. 

Best Japanese Onlyfans: Featured This Month

Best Japanese Onlyfans 2023

  1. Maria Nagai – Craziest Curves
  2. Nagisa – Cutest Porn Content
  3. Yaya the Dancer – Sexiest International Dancer
  4. Marica Hase – Hottest Penthouse Pet
  5. Uri – Wildest Cosplay
  6. LovelySpaceKitten – Tiniest Dommy Mommy
  7. Yuki – Best Barely Legal Beauty
  8. Official_Hitomi – Best Huge Tits
  9. May – Best Custom Creator
  10. KoKoButter – Sexiest Submissive


Best 10 Japanese Onlyfans

#1. Maria Nagai – Craziest Curves

  • 1K + Posts
  • 141K + Likes
  • Subscription Bundles


Maria Nagai brings a whole new standard to an hourglass figure. She has a tiny midriff, flanked by her very curvaceous chest and hips. Not only is her erotic phat ass (her words) impossible to look away from, but she’s got an alluring long tongue as well. 

You absolutely want to see that put to use. Her raunchy scenes are exactly why Maria is among the best Japanese Onlyfans creators. She responds to her DMs on weekdays, and will happily customize her content for you. Each week she drops a lot of photos and videos to keep your attention, and if you want a dick rating, she’ll accommodate you. She enjoys guy on girl, girl on girl, BBC, solo play, toy play, anal, squirting, and even some naughty fetishes. There’s very little Maria won’t do, so don’t be shy to bring your fun fetish requests to her directly. 

#2. Nagisa – Cutest Porn Content

  • 4K + Photos
  • 100 + Videos
  • 30K + Likes


If you like your porn on the cute and alluring side, Nagisa is everything you need. Think thigh-high socks, pleated skirts, ribbons and pigtails. Nagisa doesn’t just embrace the come-hither innocent look, she embodies it. This petite angel from Japan brings a specific charm that we haven’t seen in anyone else. Don’t be fooled, she knows exactly how to lure you in with seduction, and keep you coming back for more. 

Say hi and get to know Nagisa, enjoy her nudes, her solo play, and her fun little toy collection. This Onlyfans Japanese staple has over 4,000 naughty pics that you can ogle over, and a lot more coming down the pipe. Her videos are just as fun, and when you see how she uses her little body to make every cock nearby hard as a rock, you’ll be instantly hooked. Pop in, and find out what Nagisa can do for you today. 

#3. Yaya the Dancer – Sexiest International Dancer

  • 1K + Photos
  • 200 + Videos
  • 254K + Likes


Yaya the Dancer is a bendy Japanese slut who travels and dances around the world. She describes herself as the most flexible little demon on Onlyfans. This vulgar vixen charms us with her blunt attitude, and carnal delights. Proud to be a freak in the sheets, Yaya stands out compared to most Japanese Onlyfans models for her total embracement of the dark, dirty debauchery that gets her off. 

Widely known via her other socials as Japanese Cream, Onlyfans is the best place to request anything and everything your filthy mind can throw at her. A quick description doesn’t do Yaya justice – but she says it best when she claims she orders the fucking freak meal at McDonalds. 

Even her landing page on her steamy Onlyfans account makes you want to taste her tight little pussy, and with that thought in mind, you know you won’t be able to resist this bendy babe. She’ll even toss you a long-term subscription discount if you want to follow for longer. 

#4. Marica Hase – Hottest Penthouse Pet

  • 3K + Posts
  • 168K + Likes
  • 2K + Fans

Marica Hase is a multiple award-winning porn star, Penthouse pet, and a cancer survivor to boot. Marica has a beautifully elegant body with steamy curves, and a look about her face that will have you throbbing in moments. Marica offers one of the best subscription prices around, and on top of that, gives discounts for long-term subscribers. 

When not getting fucked on camera with guys, girls, or even by her lonesome, she writes a very intelligent blog about all things sex, including where to find the G-spot and how to pick an egg toy that’ll satisfy properly. Marica brings the brains and the beauty to the adult entertainment industry. 

She’s easily one of the best Japanese Onlyfans creators around, with her power combination of brains, beauty, and an insatiable lust she can’t quench. She may be shy, but she’s unique, and her sexual appetites are wild. She’s a Japanese super slut, and she’s going to satisfy your wildest fantasies if you give her the chance. 

#5. Uri – Wildest Cosplay

  • 300 + Posts
  • 23K + Likes
  • Cosplay Content


When you think of an Onlyfans Japanese cosplay girl, you’re probably thinking of Uri. Her erotic cosplay game is specifically tailored to bring out the best of her bubbly personality and bountiful tits. Uri doesn’t get fully nude, but you won’t need her to once you see what little she does wear. If you’re lucky, she might even drop the occasional video. Uri doesn’t speak English, but if you send her a message, she’ll translate it, and do her very best to reply. 

Onlyfans has her exclusive content she won’t post anywhere else, and you’ll want to see as much of her as possible. Uri is a sweetheart, and she tries to make it as easy as possible to enjoy her content. Whether she’s dressed as a sexy bunny, or you catch her as she’s getting dressed, you’re going to fall in love with her curves, her erotic expressions, and her sweet little smile. 

#6. LovelySpaceKitten – Tiniest Dommy Mommy

  • 200 + Posts
  • 79K + Likes
  • 29K + Fans


If you want to be brought into a truly kinky cosplay world, LovelySpaceKitten will allow you to enter hers, but know that she’ll be firmly in charge when you do. Unlike most Onlyfans Japanese cosplay girls, LovelySpaceKitten is more than happy to get fully nude and hardcore in her content. She’s built her socials to act cohesively together, and created an attractive brand in the process. 

She uses her tiny body for her dommy mommy troll content, and will be very pleased if you become her little pay pig. She offers a variety of prizes and raffles throughout the year. Her account may be free, but don’t think for a second that the best of LovelySpaceKitten is going to come cheap – she knows her worth, and she’s in it to win it. That said, she’s correct in the fact she’s worth every penny. Check out the LovelySpaceKitten and find out what all the fuss is about. 

#7. Yuki – Best Barely Legal Beauty

  • 11K + Likes
  • Free Account
  • 22 Years Old


Yukino, or Yuki as she prefers, is one salacious little slut. Once you enter her Onlyfans, she knows that you’re all hers. This is where she mixes her fun playful side, and her bawdy bad side together for some amazing adult entertainment. This 22 year old makes big promises on her abilities to deliver, and she lives up to each of them. 

Whether on all fours, or recording some alone time where she cums often, Yuki knows what you want and gives it to you. This cumslut wants to be on your mind 24/7, and lets you subscribe for free. This Onlyfans Japanese is an angel of the adult arts, and she’s going to give you the good love any way you want it. Yuki offers rewards for liking all her posts, which is even better than the already delicious posts themselves. Check her out on her back, on all fours, and in every other position for an erotic good time. 

#8. Official_Hitomi – Best Huge Tits

  • 200 + Posts
  • 120K + Likes
  • Huge Tits


Hitomi Tanaka, from Japan, is one petite Asian babe with massive tits. Her bright eyes and cute demure poses will blow your mind, among other things. Hitomi offers a lot of sexy posts, which shows all of her, and will occasionally do so in either Japanese or English. Hitomi is proud of her all-natural chest, and her posts that involve her life are heartfelt and honest. 

This Japanese bombshell wears her heart on her sleeve, but wears little else when she’s creating videos for her fans. Offer her some good vibes, and she may shower some saucy gratitude on you. Hitomi delights in her abilities to please, but beyond that, she’s also quite down to Earth. 

She’s a wide-eyed beauty with innocent features, which makes it even more of a treat when she strips down and gets bawdy with a friend or two. Hitomi is easily one of the Japanese Onlyfans accounts around. 

#9. May – Best Custom Creator

  • 500 + Photos
  • Nearly 100 Videos
  • 8K + Likes


May is a Japanese girl living in the US. This cute little lingerie model has two Onlyfans accounts for you. One is free, and the other is her VIP account where she’ll create you custom content. She’ll do a dick rating for a small tip, and she offers a lot of sexy videos on both her accounts, including shots of her feet, full nudes, strip shows, solo play, and a variety of sex videos. 

May loves showing herself off for you, and if you want more, she’ll even sell you her used panties. She offers multiple-month subscription discounts, and if you purchase something off her wishlist, she will make a very special video where she slowly changes into the product. 

That’s the whole point, after all. This Japanese Onlyfans beauty is a delight to see on screen, and she’s going to put a smile on your face that lasts the entire day. Say hi to May and she might even moan your name. 

#10. KoKoButter – Sexiest Submissive

  • 2K + Posts
  • 100 + Videos
  • 2K + Likes

KoKo strives to stand out among the adult entertainment industry. She doesn’t offer “just nudes”, she creates sexual art and cute content. She thrills at filling your day with sex and beauty, and just because she calls it art, doesn’t mean it’s not obscene in the best way possible. KoKo doesn’t fake her orgasms, and she’s not acting. Her training to become a total slut is the real deal. 

This biological scientist by day does whatever her master says, and even makes time to answer fans on the side. She loves cum, cock, and pussy, and while she may be shy at times, she’ll show you exactly what you want to see. KoKo is quite shy at times, but she’s all-natural, and an honestly kinky slave who does what she’s told. 

She may get nervous or shy, but she loves doing what she’s told, and when you follow her, you’re in for a great time. She maintains one of the hottest Japanese Onlyfans accounts you’re going to find. 



How do I search for creators on Onlyfans?

The short answer here is: you can’t. Onlyfans doesn’t have a search function. If you want to look for something in particular, you can search based on location, name, or URL, but you can’t peruse Onlyfans accounts without knowing where to go first. The reason for this is to protect Onlyfans content creators who want to protect their identity. Many sites, such as this one, list excellent Onlyfans accounts, and this is the best way to get exposed to the accounts that exist. If you look up categories, such as the Best Free Onlyfans accounts in 2023, we have created lists for you so you know who to go and check out!

Who are the biggest Onlyfans stars? 

Currently, the biggest stars on Onlyfans are Blac Chyna ($20 million), Bella Thorne ($11 million), Cardi B ($9 million), Tyga ($7 million), and Mia Khalifa ($6 million). Mention should be made to Bhad Bjabie who made her first million on Onlyfans within one single hour. That’s not a bad hourly wage! While celebrities on Onlyfans boast a mixed bag of content, ‘celebrity’ is not required to gain traction on Onlyfans. Ultimately, Onlyfans is a great place to interact with vast, varied audiences about any content you want, including but not limited to adult entertainment. 

What are the rules for content on Onlyfans? 

Fans and creators alike must be over the age of 18. Content on the site must not include anyone under the age of 18, and their accounts may only be used for a lawful purpose. Also, it’s against the rules to ask your content providers to meet up in real life. Sure, they may be gorgeous, but it’s a strict no-no. For more of the basic rules of Onlyfans, comb through the terms and services. It’s all pretty standard stuff – only with Onlyfans, you can do it naked. And people can watch. Onlyfans is awesome. 

How do I know if my wife is an Onlyfans content creator?

If you go into your wife’s bedroom, and instead of shoes and coats in her closet, she has webcams, lingerie, ring lights, bondage equipment, and a decent quality microphone, she may in fact be an Onlyfans streamer. Another trick is to simply try to create an account with her email address. If it works, she’s going to ask to verify her email, and you’re now in trouble, but she also doesn’t have an account. Not exactly win-win. Of course, you could just ask her. That’s probably the quickest and easiest way to find out. Still not convinced? We hear great things about private detectives. 

Do I have control over who sees my Onlyfans account?

Essentially, you have some control over your Onlyfans audience. You can block specific locations from searching from you- such as your hometown or neighboring towns. The only way for your account to be found is through your username, URL, or location, so you can control who you share that with and what names you choose. Some creators choose locations like “in your hottest dreams” to ensure that they are harder to find. Neither fans nor creators can see any email addresses, but your username, profile photo, bio, location, cover photo, and Amazon wish list are visible. If you would like to remain anonymous on Onlyfans, one way to do so is to keep your face, identifying tattooed, and location off your account. 

How much money do beginners make on Onlyfans? 

If you’re doing alright, you may make around $100 to $200 a month with your Onlyfans account when starting out. Most people don’t have any followers when they start, so it’s less than that. We can’t all be Bella Thorne, after all. If you weren’t a big Disney star, you’re going to have to grow the business from humble beginnings, and that means hustling your ass while finding ways to promote yourself. Consider using social media, such as Reddit and Fetlife to gain fans. Another fun way to gain new fans is to collaborate with other sexy creators. 

How do I make a secret Onlyfans account?

To do this, create a new email address, and create an Onlyfans account. On it, be careful to hide your identity, including tattoos, and keep out any information that gives away your location. Keep your “set” – meaning where you’ll film, as generic as possible. Pick a username that isn’t close to yours, and then tell the system that certain areas, such as your hometown, and even your neighboring towns, can’t find you in searches. This way, you’re providing content for the rest of the world. 



These are the top 10 Japanese Onlyfans models in 2023, but the competition was certainly fierce (and very feisty). There are many, many more hentai hotties and kinky sluts from the land of the rising sun awaiting you. Whether you’re looking for a genuine Onlyfans Japanese cosplay girl, or a straight up explicit pornstar, these creators are sure to dazzle you with their skills. Maybe you want to see your favorite video game or anime character, but with rocking tits and a big smile. Maybe you have a very naughty fantasy you’re hoping these babes will fulfill. Whatever you’re after, you can’t go wrong when it comes to Onlyfans Japanese models. 

For more of the best OnlyFans girls, be sure to check out our Best OnlyFans 2023 guide.

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