News Roundup

Jersey City Teachers Strike, Don Jr.’s Wife Has Left Him


• A report from Comptroller Scott Stringer says the DOE isn’t doing enough to make sure the more than 110,000 homeless students in New York City public schools are attending classes.

• Former Democratic representative Louise Slaughter, who represented western New York and was the first woman to chair the House Rules Committee, died in Washington, D.C., this morning at the age of 88.

• An MTA meltdown for the ages completely shut down G service, sent multiple trains running on different lines (which led to the trains on normal lines getting backed up from the traffic), and generally just made everyone very mad.

• It also turns out that fancy Subway Action Plan repairs are making it so that the MTA can’t put out accurate train schedules, which is one of the reasons why those brand-new station countdown clocks are totally useless.

• The glut of available apartments are making landlords in Manhattan desperate to get their vacant units rented out, which means offering perks to prospective tenants such as lower security deposits or even a year of free cable and Wi-Fi.

• It’s official: Donald Trump Jr.’s wife left him.

• You no longer have to go to West Virginia or Oklahoma to see a teacher’s strike up close. Teachers in Jersey City are walking off the job to demand a new contract with lower healthcare costs.

• Mayor Tall, always finding ways to pander to drivers while moving Vision Zero along, said he’d be open to looking at a law against texting while walking.

• Conveniently, the mayor is pressing Albany for street safety fixes instead of pushing for options under his control.

• Republican representative Peter King, who represents Long Island, said he’d vote against any government spending bill that doesn’t include money for a new cross-Hudson train tunnel, at a time when Paul Ryan needs all the votes he can get for his push for a government funding package.

• The Mueller investigation has begun focusing on the Trump Organization, and surely an even-tempered guy like Donald Trump will just let that one go.

• WrestleMania 35 will take place at MetLife Stadium next year, which rules because it means that the city will also get to see a huge influx of good indie wrestling events that come in the wake of the biggest night in sports entertainment.

Happy 3:16 Day! Here’s two and a half minutes of Hollywood megastar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson getting hit with Stone Cold Stunners: