King Buzzo of the Melvins+Mary Halvorson


Legendary iconoclast, godhead riffer, purveyor of grunge and leader of the sludgemongers Nirvana craved to be, Buzz Osborne AKA King Buzzo–along with drums titan Dale Crover–have ruled the underground rock roost with avant-metal kings Melvins for the last thirty years. Now, the electric socket-fried-haired and Simpsons fanatic Osborne has traded in his ax for an acoustic on his unplugged debut, This Machine Kills Artists. But for the naysayers thinking Buzzo has mellowed and gone hippie folk all over our asses, think again. Osborne’s Herculean finger-picking ‘n’ strumming Machine still reeks of classic Melvins: it drips with sonic heaviosity, icky guitarrorism, Satanic wails, possessed wordplay and those epic licks that Kurt Cobain wished to the grunge gods he could dish out.

Mon., July 14, 8 p.m., 2014